The IRS Standard Deduction in 2022 for Expats

The IRS Standard Deduction in 2021 for Expats

The IRS Standard Deduction allows Americans to deduct a fixed amount of their income from US tax when they file their federal return. The Standard Deduction lets Americans avoid the hassle of itemizing their actual deductions when they file. The amount of the Standard Deduction was very low before the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

Tax Calendar for US Expats Filing in 2022

2022 Expat Tax Calendar

We’ve created a tax calendar for Americans filing from overseas this year. Americans living abroad are required to file US taxes, as US law states that all American citizens and Green Card holders have to report their worldwide income every year on Form 1040. Most other countries only tax residents. When you file your US […]

The 2022 IRS Tax Filing Season Starts on Monday January 24

Tax Filing starts January 24 2022 expats

Americans living abroad – 2022 IRS tax filing opens this year on Monday January 24. Overseas Americans have to file US taxes on their worldwide income just like Americans living in the States. This is because, unlike most countries, the U.S. taxes based on citizenship, regardless of where you live in the world. Filing as […]

Register for the 2022 Expats Virtual Financial Summit

Expats Financial Summit 2022

Registration for the 2022 Expats Virtual Financial Summit is now open! The four day summit, taking place from February 8-11, 2022, features presentations from some of the world’s leading authorities on a range of expat financial hot topics, including tax, financial planning and investing, cryptocurrency, voting, insurance, and international money transfer, all with a focus […]

What Are the 2022 Tax Deadlines and Extensions for US Expats?

Tax deadlines and extensions for expats in 2022

ue to the US having a citizenship-based tax system, the ten million Americans living abroad are subject to US tax reporting rules on their overseas income, accounts, businesses and assets. The US has tax treaties in place with around 60 other countries, but they don’t prevent Americans living abroad from having to file and pay […]

What’s New for Americans Abroad Filing in 2022?

What's new for Americans abroad filing taxes in 2022

Living abroad is an adventure and a privilege. At Bright!Tax, we are expats too – our team members are based in over 30 countries! This gives us a unique insight into the experience and challenges of living overseas that lets us better serve our American expat clients. Lots is happening here at Bright!Tax. Our team […]

Need to File US Taxes Late? What US Expats Need to Know

Expats file American taxes late

Americans who move abroad are required to continue filing US taxes, reporting their worldwide income. This means that American citizens abroad often have to file two tax returns. The tax treaties that the US has with around 100 other countries don’t mitigate the risk of double taxation either, as they contain a ‘saving clause’ meaning […]

Natalie Heath Receives Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award

Natalie Heath Global Scholar

The Bright!Tax Awards Committee is proud to announce that Natalie Heath has become the twelfth recipient of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award. The Award is a biannual scholarship for ambitious, inspirational young Americans who are studying overseas. Bright!Tax is the leading provider of US tax services for the 10 million Americans living abroad. Bright!Tax founder […]

US Taxes for Expats in 2022 – A 12 Step Guide to Success

US Taxes for Expats - A Complete Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Many Americans living abroad in 2022 are unaware or confused about their US tax filing obligations. The US tax system is unusual, as it taxes based on citizenship. Almost every other country either taxes based on residence (so only people living in that country have to file taxes there), or taxes based on income arising […]