Taxes for US Expat Entrepreneurs

Over 9 million Americans live abroad, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that a large number of them are entrepreneurs, as they are all adventurous by nature. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, wherever in the world they may live.

Tax Strategies for Expat Entrepreneurs

The US taxes all US citizens and green card holders around the world, including their businesses, so it’s important for US expat entrepreneurs to contact a US expat tax specialist and put in place the right structures and strategies to minimize their tax liability.

Expat Attorney Monte Silver Turns Sights on GILTI

Expat Attorney Monte Silver Turns Sights on GILTI

Leading US tax attorney Monte Silver has been locked in a legal action with the IRS for over a year, in defense of American expats with a small business registered abroad. All American citizens, including expats, are required to file US taxes every year, reporting their worldwide income and their offshore financial accounts and businesses. […]

GILTI and IRS Form 8892 – A Guide For US Expats

GILTI and IRS Form 8892 Explained For US Expats

One of President Trump’s central election pledges in 2016 was to cut taxes. The result was the signing into law in 2017 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, more often referred to as the Trump Tax Reform. The Act didn’t just cut income and corporate taxes though, it also created some new ones, notably […]

New Proposed GILTI Guidance Benefits Many US Expat Business Owners

New Proposed GILTI Guidance Benefits Many US Expat Business Owners

Last month, the IRS released final proposed guidelines relating to the taxation of GILTI (Global Intangible Low Tax Income) on certain foreign registered businesses. The 318 pages of IRS guidelines contain some welcome news for many US expat business owners. Background Before the Trump Tax Reform (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017), Americans […]

Treasury Eases GILTI Tax Burden for US Expat Small Business Owners

Bright Tax Expat Small Business Owners

Breaking News: Expat small business owners were celebrating today as the Treasury announced relief for individual American owners of foreign registered corporations from the new GILTI tax introduced in the Trump Tax reform. Deep within 177 pages of Proposed Regulations released by the Treasury on March 4th 2019 dealing with the application of changes made under […]

US Expat Sues IRS Over New Transition Tax

IRS sign expats transition tax

All Americans, including expats, have been required to file US taxes, reporting their worldwide income, since the nineteenth century. It’s only over the last few years though that, due to foreign banks and governments now sharing expats’ financial data with the IRS the federal government has been able to enforce the requirement for expats to […]

New Form 1040 in 2019 – Everything Expats Need to Know

new form 1040 for expats in 2019

Living abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime, however it can be slightly marred for American expats because they are required to continue filing a US tax return from overseas, reporting their worldwide income.   Expats filing in 2019 however will find that form 1040 is new, for the first time in decades. Will new […]