Living Abroad - the Ultimate Adventure

At Bright!Tax, we believe that expats are the new American Pioneers, exploring opportunities beyond the world they grew up in. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, reporting their worldwide income.

Enjoy the Experience

Our mission is to take the burden of US tax compliance off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying the experience of living abroad. Keep up with expat news with the articles below.

An Expat Thanksgiving

An Expat Thanksgiving

The Bright!Tax team wishes all US expats around the world a very Happy 2019 Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving abroad as an expat can be an unusual experience, celebrating in a place where few other people celebrate and often without access to the traditional ingredients. As expats though, we have a lot to be thankful for. Being an […]

HSBC Names Best Countries for Expats in 2019

Best Countries for Expats in 2019

Every year, global bank HSBC carries out the world’s largest and most influential survey of expats to find out what issues they face and more importantly, which are the best countries to live in. While for the last four years the results have been fairly similar, this year’s survey of over 18,000 expats in 33 […]

Best Virtual Mailbox Services for Americans Living Abroad

Virtual Mailbox Services for expats

The number of Americans living abroad, including expats and Digital Nomads, now totals over nine million. Many of them still receive mail in the US from time to time (or regularly) though, and a Virtual Mailbox Service provides a way for expats to see their US postal mail more or less instantly. The way the […]

American Pioneers No Longer Going West, Now Becoming Expats

american expat pioneer

More Americans are going overseas (Originally published in 2012) I wondered for some years if I was alone thinking that opportunities for folks in the States were becoming more and more limited and if a relocation to another country might be the new “American West” – the place where dreams of good fortune and better […]

Financial Planning Considerations for Expats

expat financial planning

(The following article first appeared at If you are lucky enough to live overseas, you face unique challenges that are all too familiar. Putting a financial plan together may help reduce some of the uncertainty around your finances as you navigate your way through a foreign system. Whether retired or working abroad, you may […]