Living Abroad - the Ultimate Adventure

At Bright!Tax, we believe that expats are the new American Pioneers, exploring opportunities beyond the world they grew up in. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, reporting their worldwide income.

Enjoy the Experience

Our mission is to take the burden of US tax compliance off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying the experience of living abroad. Keep up with expat news with the articles below.

Insurance Challenges and Options for American Expats

Insurance Challenges and Options for American Expats

Adjusting to living abroad takes planning, especially when it comes to your finances and health. Healthcare and health insurance, in particular, come with their own challenges abroad. In this article, experts from International Citizens Insurance share the most common insurance challenges and solutions for American expats.  Challenges of Local healthcare abroad Healthcare in the United States ranks as one […]

Planning for Americans Citizens in Canada with US IRAs

Planning for Americans Citizens in Canada with US IRAs

Whether it’s Americans who have moved up to Canada, or perhaps US/Canadian dual citizens living in Canada who have received inheritances from US relatives, many Canadian residents have US IRA investment accounts. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are US-based investment and retirement accounts similar to Canadian RRSPs. In this article, we will discuss what options Canadian tax residents have when considering […]

10 International Health Insurance Tips for American Expats

Health Insurance Tips for Expats

This article was contributed by David Tompkins at Expat Financial. David is an expert in sourcing global health insurance plans for multinationals and individual expats around the globe. Most Americans realize the importance of buying medical insurance in the United States, but what about health insurance when you move abroad? It is unlikely that your […]

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad in 2020

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad 2020

Thanksgiving is a time when the thoughts of the nine million Americans who live abroad turn to home, as well as how best to celebrate. With no other country celebrating Thanksgiving (other than Canada, in October, due to an earlier harvest further north), celebrating abroad as an expat presents all sorts of logistical challenges. As […]

A Guide to Working Remotely for Americans Abroad

Guide to Working Remotely for Americans Abroad

Millions of Americans living abroad have been forced to work remotely this year. Some were already living abroad, others have found themselves stranded abroad, while others still moved abroad to sit out the pandemic. With countries including Barbados, Bermuda, Estonia and Georgia offering new and attractive remote working visas, and the global transition to remote […]

An Expat Thanksgiving

An Expat Thanksgiving

The Bright!Tax team wishes all US expats around the world a very Happy 2019 Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving abroad as an expat can be an unusual experience, celebrating in a place where few other people celebrate and often without access to the traditional ingredients. As expats though, we have a lot to be thankful for. Being an […]