Living Abroad - the Ultimate Adventure

At Bright!Tax, we believe that expats are the new American Pioneers, exploring opportunities beyond the world they grew up in. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, reporting their worldwide income.

Enjoy the Experience

Our mission is to take the burden of US tax compliance off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying the experience of living abroad. Keep up with expat news with the articles below.

American Pioneers No Longer Going West, Now Becoming Expats

american expat pioneer

More Americans are going overseas (Originally published in 2012) I wondered for some years if I was alone thinking that opportunities for folks in the States were becoming more and more limited and if a relocation to another country might be the new “American West” – the place where dreams of good fortune and better […]

Financial Planning Considerations for Expats

expat financial planning

(The following article first appeared at If you are lucky enough to live overseas, you face unique challenges that are all too familiar. Putting a financial plan together may help reduce some of the uncertainty around your finances as you navigate your way through a foreign system. Whether retired or working abroad, you may […]

How to Choose an Expat Tax Accountant

expat accountant

With just two weeks to go until the first expat tax deadline in 2018, it’s a timely moment to look at the most important factors expats should consider when choosing an expat tax accountant. US Taxes for Expats All Americans abroad who earn over $10,000 (or just $400 of self-employment income) are required to file […]

Top 5 US Expat Blogs in 2018

best blogs for expats

Living abroad is an incredible and often life-changing experience. Americans living abroad are the new pioneers, venturing beyond the frontiers of the familiar to explore the wider world. At Bright!Tax, we talk to expats around the world every day, hearing their more often than not incredible stories of what they’re doing and how they came […]

American Expats See Wide Range of Benefits from Moving Abroad

americans moving abroad

Before last year’s presidential election, it was widely reported that the number of Google searches about moving abroad had skyrocketed, caused by fear on both sides of the political debate of the opposition candidate winning. To an extent this happens before every election, although the phenomenon may have been exaggerated this time. In fact, while […]

Top Tips for American Expats Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

thanksgiving tips

Celebrating Thanksgiving abroad is an altogether different prospect, without the wider cultural participation, and potentially being unable to get hold of many of the most important Thanksgiving ingredients. Most Americans living abroad soldier on though, so to help all those resolute souls out there, here are our top 5 tips for American expats celebrating Thanksgiving […]

2016 US Election – What Expats Need to Know

expats 2016 election

Americans living abroad have been able to vote in absentia since 1975. Expats vote in the State where they last lived, but they do still have to register in good time to receive a ballot. According to a Pew Research Centre survey in July, the two most important election issues for Americans living stateside this […]

Top 5 Expat Annoyances

angry expat

1 – ‘Different’ attitudes towards customer service In the States, the customer is King (or Queen). And that’s how it should be of course. If someone wants your business, they should be very nice to you, otherwise you’ll take your business elsewhere. For some reason though, in many other countries shopkeepers and customer service representatives […]