Host Countries Taxes for US Expats

American expats are required to file US taxes from abroad, reporting their worldwide income. If they qualify for tax residency in a foreign country, they may have to file foreign taxes too, depending on that country’s particular rules.

Host Country Tax Information

The articles below contain an information overview of the tax and residency rules for for over 100 foreign countries, along with an overview of US filing requirements for expats. The articles are updated annually.

US Expat Taxes for Americans Living in Australia – A Guide

expat filing taxes in australia

There are an estimated 105,000 Americans living in Australia. Australia is an incredible place to live for a variety of reasons – the laid back culture, the warm climate, and the beaches to name just three. As an American expatriate living in Australia though, what exactly do you need to know regarding filing US expat […]

Tax Guide for British Expats Working in the US

Tax Guide for British Expats Working in the US

An estimated 700,000 British expats live in the US, and the majority have relocated to further their careers. When Brits move to the US for work, they often already have a work permit or Green Card. This places them within the US tax system. The US tax system has significant differences to, and is generally […]