Living Abroad - the Ultimate Adventure

At Bright!Tax, we believe that expats are the new American Pioneers, exploring opportunities beyond the world they grew up in. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, reporting their worldwide income.

Enjoy the Experience

Our mission is to take the burden of US tax compliance off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying the experience of living abroad. Keep up with expat news with the articles below.

Top 5 Expat Dilemmas

expat with dliemna

1. Should I stay or should I go? The first dilemma all aspiring expats face is whether to move abroad at all. It’s easier not to of course, and from the comfort of our home country the risks can seem to outweigh the benefits. In practice though, the benefits will almost certainly provide overwhelming justification […]

2016 US Presidential Election – Do Expat Votes Matter?

presidential election expat votes

An estimated nine millions Americans live abroad, including military personnel and federal employees, making US expats theoretically the eleventh largest State by population.   Turnout among expats for the 2012 presidential election was incredibly low though. With expats very much on the front line in terms of shaping and experiencing foreign perceptions of the US […]

Top 5 Expat Joys

Happy expats

Living abroad is the adventure of a lifetime. It enriches our lives and expands our horizons in ways we couldn’t previously have imagined. Read on for a run-down of our top five joys of being an expat. 1 – Experiencing another culture We grow up seeing the world through the lens of our country’s culture […]

2016 Presidential Elections Set to Cause Expat Surge

expat surge

When contemplating this year’s Presidential election, wherever you stand on the political spectrum, looking at the field of candidates there are one or two possible outcomes that might just make you flinch a little. For many people, if what they consider their worst case scenario actually happens though, their flinch could translate into a move […]

Expat Stories – Caroline Calloway, Cambridge, England

Expat Caroline Calloway

American expats can live incredible lives, and often have incredible stories to tell. New Yorker Caroline Calloway is a mature student studying History of Art at Cambridge, one of the UK’s (and world’s) oldest Universities. Her Instagram posts about her adventures in the bizarre “Harry Potter-esque” world of the university’s antiquated traditions and rituals have gained […]

The Number One US Expat Destination Revealed

expat beach

Mexico is the number one destination for US expats. The US State department estimates that there are over 1 million American citizens living in Mexico, and it’s easy to understand why. A heady combination of high levels of personal freedom, low taxes, a relaxed culture and a friendly people gives Mexico a wide appeal. Factor […]

New Europe-Wide Bank for American Expats Launched

european bank for expats

A new type of bank launched in Europe today aimed at expats and immigrants. Monese,, registered in London and Estonia, is able to offer cutting edge banking services to the whole of Europe. Customers download an app and can then open an account in less than 3 minutes, providing a photo of their passport […]

5 of the Best American Expat Blogs

expat writing blog

Here’s our rundown of 5 of the best US expat blogs in 2015. Do you agree? One – Banker in the Sun After being robbed at gunpoint outside his home in Florida, Banker in the Sun re-evaluated his priorities in life and decided to pack in the bank job and follow his childhood dream of […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why Americans Move Abroad

american moving abroad

Everyone sometimes dreams of a better life in a more exotic place, but relatively few of us actually pack up our things, sell our cars, lock up or let our homes perhaps, and take the plunge. Often moving abroad requires a particular catalyst or trigger. Below are our top 5 reasons why Americans move abroad. […]

Expat Focus – Lauren Cleaver, Iguana Lodge, Costa Rica

Lauren Cleaver

Lauren and her husband both worked as criminal defense lawyers in Colorado before they decided to move abroad. In 1999, they loaded up their truck and drove south to their new home, Iguana Lodge in Costa Rica, which they have turned into an eco friendly, beach-side, tropical paradise, complete with two restaurants, yoga classes, a […]