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Bright!Tax is a leading provider of expat tax services to the estimated 10 million Americans living abroad. We are uniquely qualified to provide advice on all aspects of expatriate taxation. The videos below provide an introduction to some of the most frequently asked about areas of US expat taxes.

US Expat Tax Requirements Overview

Our US expat taxes overview video includes deadlines, filing thresholds, FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report), FATCA (Foreign Asset Tax Compliance Act), the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and the Foreign Tax Credit.

What Is FEIE? The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Everything you need to know about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, the primary mechanism allowing Americans living abroad avoid paying tax on qualifying foreign earned income.

What Is FBAR? The Foreign Bank Account Report.

The Foreign Bank Account Report, or FBAR, is a reporting requirement for Americans with qualifying financial accounts (including bank accounts) abroad. Watch our video to find out more.

What Is The Foreign Tax Credit?

The Foreign Tax Credit is a mechanism that allows Americans who live and pay tax abroad not to pay tax on the same income to the IRS. Watch our video to find out more.

What Is FATCA? The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act requires US expats to declare their foreign assets if their value exceeds $200,000 (per person). It also obliges foreign banks to pass their US account holders’ details to the IRS. Watch our video to find out more.

What Is The IRS Streamlined Procedure?

The IRS Streamlined Procedure is an amnesty program that offers expats who aren’t up to date with their tax filing a penalty-free path to compliance. Watch our video to learn more.

What Are The US Expat Tax Filing Dates?

Find out all about the most important US expat tax filing dates, including FinCEN Form 114, or FBAR (the Foreign Bank Account Report).

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