Kersey Schott wins Bright!Tax Global Scholar award for young Americans studying abroad

Kersey Schott

The Bright!Tax Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Kersey Schott has been awarded the most recent Bright!Tax Global Scholar award. Kersey is a postgraduate student taking a Masters in European Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. She previously completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio State University, where she graduated Cum Laude.

Kersey, who is also a Fulbright Scholar, fended off competition from over 100 other applicants thanks to her academic achievements, ambition, and self-awareness with respect to being an ambassador for America in the local community in Leipzig. Through her engagement with local groups, she is actively helping to create positive perceptions towards Americans and the US abroad.

Kersey said: “As a recipient of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award, I am honored to be recognized by an initiative that shares my views on the strong value and importance of international experience and cultural exchange. My time living abroad has shaped not only my desired career path, but it has also provided me with numerous opportunities and challenges over the years that I would not have encountered otherwise. With the generous support of the Bright!Tax Global Scholarship, I will continue pursuing my Masters degree in Germany and will thereby be supported on the path to achieving my goals and in proudly representing the United States abroad.”

The Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative supports young Americans who are currently studying or who wish to study abroad.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, engagement with the local community, financial circumstances, and at the discretion of the Bright!Tax Awards Committee. Further details can be found here.

Gregory Dewald, Bright!Tax founder and CEO, says:

“The Global Scholar Initiative was inspired by an opportunity I had to study abroad and the effect the experience had on my life in terms of opening my eyes to other cultures, as well as a recognition that Americans living abroad, whether working or studying, are shaping millions of people’s perceptions toward Americans and the US. We feel they are the real American Ambassadors. They project the ‘Best of the US’ upon the world-stage and as such, they are the true American heroes and pioneers of the 21st century.

He continues: “Kersey’s academic record, attitude, and awareness of her role as a American living abroad made her stand out in a strong field of applicants. On behalf of the Awards Committee, I would like to congratulate her on her scholarship, and wish her all the best in her future studies and endeavors.”

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