Enabling the Future by Supporting Innovation: Bright!Lights Project Donates to the United Brain Association

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At Bright!Tax, we believe in leveraging our resources to foster a brighter future. Through our Bright!Lights project, we channel our commitment to philanthropy by supporting initiatives that not only promise innovation but also have a profound impact on global well-being. Each project under Bright!Lights is carefully selected to ensure that our contributions meaningfully advance community and individual health.

This year, amidst many worthy causes, we were drawn to a very personal and compelling need—the support of the United Brain Association (UBA). The UBA’s dedicated efforts to understand and treat brain diseases resonate deeply with our mission, especially given a recent poignant experience within our client community.

Meet the UBA

The United Brain Association is a non-profit organization founded to support education and research on the 600+ brain and mental health-related disorders and issues that affect so many. 

The UBA’s mission is clear: to empower those impacted by brain disease and fund innovative research for a cure. The organization generates crowd-sourced funding to promote both education and research with a unique goal: to unite the treatment of neurological and psychological challenges, as they all “take place within one mind.”

At the core of this mission is the UBA team members’ desire to comfort and encourage people to share their stories and struggles—a burden shared is a burden halved. And no one deserves to carry theirs alone! This is especially true for families and caregivers of those facing difficulties, who also deserve tons of kindness and support.

Why we chose the UBA

The UBA’s vision of a world without brain and mental health disorders resonated deeply with us and is incredibly meaningful for one of our clients, who recently lost her husband to a brain disease.

Our donation has already been made to UBA in honor of their family.

Building a brighter future together

Bright!Tax recognizes that brain health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being.

We are a company built on the foundation of helping people, and that extends beyond just tax services. Supporting the UBA aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering kindness and giving back to the community.

Witnessing the impact of brain disease firsthand through our client’s story has made this initiative even more personal. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a healthy life, and the UBA’s dedication to research and support strongly resonates with our values.

Giving back through Bright!Lights allows us to express our gratitude to our clients and the community we serve. By contributing to the UBA’s mission, we hope to play a small role in creating a brighter future where brain diseases are better understood, treated, and, one day, even cured. We are honored to be a part of this positive change.

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