Good News At Last

The Streamlined Procedure is an IRS amnesty program that allows expats who are non-willfully behind with their US tax filing to catch up without facing any penalties. Don’t delay though, as the program may not be available indefinitely.

The Streamlined Procedure Is An Excellent Opportunity

Under the Streamlined Procedure rules, expats must file the last three years of federal tax returns, and the last six Foreign Bank Account Reports (as applicable). Find out more here.

Filing US Back Taxes Late from Abroad

Filing US Back Taxes Late from Abroad

According to the IRS, round a million Americans are living abroad and not filing US taxes. (Would it help us to cite your source?) The requirement for Americans living abroad having to file US taxes on their global income was introduced way back during the Civil War, however it’s only in the last few years […]

The IRS Streamlined Procedure For American Expats in 2021

The IRS Streamlined Procedure For American Expats in 2021

Many of the nine million Americans who live abroad around the world are surprised to discover that they have to file US taxes to report their global income. By the time they realize this though, many are already behind with their US tax filing, often by several years. The reason that Americans abroad have to […]

IRS Tax Amnesty Programs for Americans Living Abroad

IRS Tax Amnesty Programs for Americans Living Abroad

Many Americans living abroad assume that, because they don’t reside in the US, they don’t have to file US taxes. US law though requires all Americans to file US taxes, regardless of where they reside, and reporting their total global income. They also often have to report any foreign registered businesses, bank accounts, and investments […]

Need to File US Taxes Late? What US Expats Need to Know

Expats file American taxes late

Americans who move abroad are required to continue filing US taxes, reporting their worldwide income. This means that American citizens abroad often have to file two tax returns. The tax treaties that the US has with around 100 other countries don’t mitigate the risk of double taxation either, as they contain a ‘saving clause’ meaning […]

US Expats Compliance Procedures – What You Need to Know

expat garden compliance procedures

American citizenship comes with rights and privileges, but also with an unusual obligation, in that all American citizens and green card holders, including expats, are required to file a federal tax return to the IRS every year, reporting their worldwide income. Many US expats are unaware of this obligation though, as it’s not logical, in […]

I’m an expat and I’ve never filed taxes, what should I do?

expat never filed taxes

All Americans (including green card holders) are required to file a federal tax return each year, reporting their worldwide income, irrespective of where in the world they live. This requirement is almost unique to America (most countries tax based on whether you live or have income or assets in the country), and as it’s perhaps […]