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Retire in Costa Rica: Visas, Healthcare, Taxes, & More

Sunset in Costa Rica

Americans looking to move to a beautiful, safe, and relatively affordable country in their golden years may want to retire in Costa Rica. Whether you want to relax, go on adventures, or indulge in a bit of both, Costa Rica’s got you covered. And with a dedicated retirement visa, moving there is much more attainable […]

Your Complete Guide to Budgeting as a Digital Nomad

Digital nomad in Paris

Budgeting as a digital nomad can be tricky, but it’s essential. Travel expenses can add up quickly, and you don’t want to run out of funds in a foreign country. That said, it’s definitely possible to travel — even for an indefinite amount of time — without breaking the bank. Below, we’ll go over everything you […]

Best Countries to Teach English & Save Money as a US Expat

Teaching English abroad

Exploring the best countries to teach English and save money? You’ve come to the right place to learn about the top locations around the world for those looking to travel, make money, and pursue a rewarding career. With quite a few countries offering high salaries, low taxes, a low cost of living, and sometimes even […]

Italy Digital Nomad Visa: Your (Updated!) 2024 Guide

Italy digital nomad visa

Italy’s digital nomad visa has had buzz around it ever since the government first announced plans to offer one in March 2022. Between the country’s fascinating history, beautiful vistas, and incredible cuisine, it’s no wonder Italy is the fifth most-visited country in the world. For a long time, however, would-be applicants were in the dark […]

Beckham Law in Spain & How It Affects US Expats

Beckham law for expats in Spain

For Americans considering or planning a move to Spain, reading up on the Beckham Law is a must. This special tax regime can offer significant tax cuts on Spanish-sourced income and exclude most worldwide income from Spanish taxation. Altogether, this can result in major savings on your tax bill. But who exactly qualifies for Beckham […]

5 Superb Low-Tax Countries for US Expats

houses at a beach

If you’re an American looking to move abroad, it makes sense that you would be interested in setting up in the lowest tax countries for expats. After all, the United States extends its definition of tax residency to all citizens and permanent residents. You won’t want to add too much tax liability on top of […]

Spain Golden Visa Program: What You Need to Know

Beach in Spain golden visa program

If you want to move to a country with a rich culture, an affordable cost of living, and beautiful vistas, you may want to look into Spain’s golden visa. For those with capital to invest, the Spanish golden visa offers the aforementioned benefits and many more. Of course, before deciding whether or not you want […]

Retire in Spain: Visas, Healthcare, Taxes, & More

South od Spain

If you want to enjoy your retirement days in a country with a lower cost of living, great weather, and a rich culture, you may want to retire in Spain.  Between the Mediterranean climate, delicious tapas, lively festivals, and laid-back pace of life, Spain has become an increasingly popular retirement destination. Of course, before up […]