Retirement Accounts for US Expats: Options Explained

Whether or not you intend to retire abroad, there’s one thing you can never be too careful with: how you save for retirement right now. Retirement accounts for expats require careful research and planning, and for Americans living abroad, there are special considerations to take into account. In your sunset years, you’ll want to have […]

California State Taxes For US Expats

US expat California state taxes

Americans living abroad who previously lived in California may still be liable to pay California state income taxes. California is among the states with the most stringent income tax regimes. Similar to the Hotel California lyric, you can check out any time you like (yet when it comes to California expat taxes), it can be […]

Accidental Americans: How to Catch Up on US Expat Taxes

accidental American expat taxes

At first glance, the term “Accidental Americans” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — after all, how do you become an American by happenstance? But the truth is, Accidental Americans are surprisingly common. One banking organization put the figure at around 110,000, which is believed to be a very conservative estimate. As American persons, […]

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad

Thanksgiving is a time when expats naturally think about their family and friends back in the States. No other country celebrates on the same day in the same way, so there might be an inclination for expats to hide away with a turkey sandwich. There are however lots of other things you can do to make Thanksgiving just […]

How to Celebrate 4th of July Abroad in 2021

How to Celebrate 4th of July Abroad in 2021

While in much of the States life has returned to normal, in many other countries it hasn’t yet, meaning celebrating the 4th of July in 2021 for Americans expats may require imagination and improvisation for a second year running. Being resourceful comes with the territory for expats though, and wherever you are there’s bound to […]