Moving to France from the US: An Expat Guide

a street in a small French town

Whether due to professional opportunities, a partner, or a desire to improve their French, many Americans dream of moving to France. Fortunately, there are many ways to move to this beautiful, culturally rich country. As a tax firm dedicated to expats with employees distributed worldwide, we know the intricacies of making a global move. Below, […]

Buying Property in Panama: A Guide for US Retirees & Expats

Buying property in Panama for US retirees and real estate investors

Year after year, more and more US retirees buy property in Panama and joyfully expatriate from the US. In addition to its obvious appeal (think pristine beaches and a thriving expat community), there’s also the potential for a property purchase to be an excellent investment for foreign real estate investors.  The country’s geographically and diplomatically […]

Tips for Maintaining Accurate Records as a US Expat

Tips for Maintaining Accurate Records as a US Expat

Living abroad as a US expat comes with awesome “I can’t believe this is my life” experiences. But, it also comes with an increased need for organization when it comes to household administration. Staying on top of necessary administrative tasks, such as maintaining organized records and tracking expenses, can be challenging. Although it can be […]

Moving to Portugal: Visa Options Explained

explore your visa options when considering moving to portugal!

Doesn’t it feel like everyone’s moving to Portugal these days? More and more often, you see news articles about Americans relocating to Portugal, LinkedIn posts announcing a move to Portugal, or photos on Instagram from expats documenting their day-to-day life and travels in Portugal. Tempted to shake things up and join them? We’ve got good […]

What is the Advance Child Tax Credit? 

advance child tax credit

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many families hard financially, with countless businesses closing and people losing their jobs during lockdowns.  On top of that, according to USDA data, raising a middle-class child from birth to 17 years old (after adjusting for inflation) costs around $286,000. That’s up from $233,610 back in 2015.  Given these challenging times, […]

The 7 Top Reasons to Become a US Expat

top reasons to become a US expat

There’s never been a better time to become a US expat. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies than ever are willing to hire remote workers and/or allow their current employees to work remotely. But moving to another country means so much more than having a new address — it’s a truly life-changing […]

How to Become a US Expat: Tips to Plan and Prepare

How to become a US expat

Research shows that more and more Americans are feeling tempted to explore life in another country. According to research by the University of Kent, over 33% of Americans aspire to move overseas in the future. As remote work becomes more mainstream, many Americans now have the opportunity to travel abroad while working remotely and explore […]

The Child Tax Credit Guide for US Expat Parents

US parents kiss their child while spending time outside together.

Due to the increased availability of work-from-anywhere jobs, more and more Americans are choosing to live and work abroad. Given the many benefits of raising children abroad, such as a lower cost of living, great schools and public services, and foreign language and cultural immersion, it’s no surprise that many of these folks are parents. […]