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The Bright!Tax story

With clients in over 190 countries, Bright!Tax has helped thousands of Americans file their US taxes from abroad, smoothly, in their best interests, online, and on time.

Filing US taxes from abroad can be difficult if not daunting. Combining personable, all American CPAs (most of whom also have MAs) with a secure, user-friendly interface, Bright!Tax makes it easy for Americans overseas to become and remain compliant with their US tax filing requirements.

US expat tax return filing service Greg Dewald

Gregory Dewald Bright!Tax Founder and CEO ​Greg is a multi award-winning entrepreneur who has led several innovative online companies as founder and CEO. Greg founded Bright!Tax after living abroad himself, with the aim of making other expats’ lives easier, wherever in the world they live.

Whether you are saving lives in Africa, teaching in Europe, retiring in Latin America, working in finance in the UK, a dual citizen in Canada, a Digital Nomad in Asia, or an entrepreneur in Australia perhaps, Bright!Tax is all packed and ready to go on the journey with you. We are so proud that our work has been recognized with multiple global EMMA Awards, because it proves that we really are breaking new ground and providing an unparalleled client experience. Our superior infrastructure, personable, personalized service, and industry-first innovations combine to remove the hassle from filing US taxes from overseas.

Bright!Tax group leaders and senior CPAs

Katelynn Minott

Katelynn Minott , CPA.

COO, Partner, Managing CPA

Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Katelynn is a Senior Partner at Bright!Tax and plays a key role in the development and direction of the firm. Katelynn began her career with a significant tenure at PwC.

Licensed by Massachusetts Board of Accountancy
Allyson Lindsey

Allyson Lindsey , CPA, MA.

CDO, Partner, Managing CPA

Allyson joined Bright!Tax from Deloitte, where she worked as a Tax Senior advising international clients across a range of compliance issues. 2021 COCPA Women To Watch Winner.

Licensed by Colorado Board of Accountancy
Hugo Lesser Bright!Tax CMO

​Hugo Lesser

CMO, Partner, Bright!Tax Communications

Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Coming from an e-commerce background, Hugo is responsible for conveying why we excel at what we do.

Dafne Adams

Dafne Adams

Director, Bright!Tax Client Services

Multi-lingual in English, Spanish and French.
Dafne and her Client Services team are the motor at the heart of our firm, coordinating and overseeing all of our projects to ensure that our clients enjoy the smoothest possible experience.

Jeff Chaney CPA Bright!Tax

Jeff Chaney , CPA, MA.

Managing CPA

Jeff was previously a Senior Tax Associate in Andersen Tax LLC’s Private Client Services Department in Seattle.

Licensed by Washington Board of Accountancy
Florencia Bojaxhi CPA Bright!Tax

Florencia Bojaxhi , CPA.

Managing CPA

Before joining Bright!Tax, Florencia worked at Clifton Gunderson LLP in Wisconsin and CEA Capital Partners in Tampa, Florida.

Licensed by Wisconsin Board of Accountancy
Melody Luyegu CPA

Melody Luyegu , CPA, MA.

Managing CPA

Melody previously worked at a boutique Washington DC accounting firm specializing in international and cross border taxation.

Licensed by the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy
Mary Davis Bright!Tax CPA

Mary Davis , CPA.

Managing CPA

Prior to joining Bright!Tax, Mary worked as a Senior Accountant at Biegler & Associates in Richmond, Virginia.

Licensed by the Virginia Board of Accountancy
Madeline Beuoy CPA

Madeline Beuoy , CPA.

Managing CPA

Originally from Indianapolis, Madeline joined Bright!Tax following a significant tenure with Deloitte's Global Employer Services Group in Switzerland.

Licensed by Indiana Accountancy Board
Ashwin Ramesh

Ashwin Ramesh , CPA.

Managing CPA

Ashwin has lived in Singapore and Hong Kong and has previously worked at both EY and PwC assisting Americans abroad with their US tax compliance.

Licensed by New Hampshire Board of Accountancy
Nicolas Castillo CPA

Nicolas Castillo , CPA, MSc.

Managing CPA

Nicolas previously worked as an International Tax Senior Associate at Grant Thornton, serving multinationals as well as individual clients.

Licensed by the Florida Board of Accountancy

What sets Bright!Tax apart

World Class Expert​s in US Tax

World Class Expert​s in US Tax

Bright!Tax exclusively employs full time, American trained and licensed expat tax specialist CPAs, many of whom also have MAs, providing you with superior advice.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

We appreciate that every client is unique. Your Bright!Tax CPA will discuss your circumstances with you before formulating a tax strategy that aims to save you money.

Perfected Workflow

Perfected Workflow

We have perfected our workflow model to ensure that your experience is concise, simple, and ultra-responsive. ​You may always communicate with us in real time.

Award-Winning Infrastructure

Award-Winning Infrastructure

Our proprietary, secure Online Client Organizer makes providing us with your information as easy as pie, while our flat-fee pricing of a reasonable $459 applies to the majority of tax returns we complete for our expat clients.

Bright!Tax proudly serves
American clients in over 190

Bright!Tax proudly serves<br />
American clients in over 190<br />

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