What is FATCA for Expats?

FATCA is the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a law that affects expats in two ways. Firstly, it compels all foreign banks and investment firms to report their American account holders to the IRS or pay a tax when they trade in US markets.


FATCA also requires expats with over $200,000 in foreign financial assets to report them each year by filing form 8938 when they file their federal tax return. You can find information and news relating to FATCA updates in the articles below.

2021 FATCA News for US Expats

2021 FATCA News for US Expats

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, often referred to as FATCA, is a US law that was introduced in 2010 to allow better enforcement of Americans’ overseas financial accounts and assets. The rationale for the law was to prevent offshore tax evasion, however it also unintentionally affected many of the nine million ordinary American expats […]

FinCEN Form 114 vs IRS Form 8938 – What Expats Need to Know

FinCEN Form 114 vs IRS Form 8938 for Expats

All Americans have to file US taxes, reporting their global income. Expat Americans also often have to file additional reporting forms. Many expats aren’t aware though what exactly these additional reporting requirements involve, and in particular the difference between FBAR and FATCA reporting, or Form 114 vs 8938. In this article we’ll attempt to alleviate […]

2020 FATCA News for US Expats

2020 FATCA News for US Expats

FATCA is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a 2010 US law that aimed to help prevent offshore tax evasion. The law has had many unintended consequences though, particularly for American expats all around the world. US tax rules for expats The American tax system is unusual in that it requires American expats to file […]

FATCA for US Expats – The Ultimate Guide

FATCA for US Expats - The Ultimate Guide

FATCA is an acronym for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a 2010 law that had (and continues to have) a profound effect on US expats around the world. FATCA had an even wider impact beyond just on US expats though, as it inspired a global endeavor known as the Common Reporting Standard whereby around […]

US Taxes for Expats – FATCA Filing Requirements in 2019

fatca filing requirements expats

Americans who live abroad are required to continue filing a federal tax return each year, reporting their worldwide income, even if they’re also filing a tax return in the country where they’re living. When expats file their federal return they can claim one or more exemptions that the IRS has made available by filing the […]

Taxes for U.S. Expats – FATCA for Dummies

fatca dummy

American expats have been required to file a federal tax return from abroad since the Civil War, when the concept was introduced to raise revenue for the war effort from landowners who were fleeing to Canada. While the concept was never revoked, it was largely ignored in the twentieth century, as expats started to spread […]

2018 FATCA News Update for US Expats

2018 fatca news

All Americans have to file an annual federal tax return, even if they live abroad. This is because the US taxes based on citizenship, rather than on residence, so if you’re a US citizen (or green card holder), you have to file US taxes reporting your worldwide income regardless of where in the world you […]