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Understanding the Swiss Pension System as a US Expat – Pillar 1 of 3 

Switzerland Pension Pillars US Expats

Switzerland, aka the Playground of Europe, is a popular destination for American expats. Many find life in Switzerland so enjoyable that they stay, establishing careers and raising families along the way.  As with life anywhere, living in Switzerland comes with some bureaucratic and logistical hurdles – particularly for American citizens and Green Card holders. The […]

US Expat Taxes for Americans Living in Australia – A Guide

Tax resoures for Americans living in Australia

There are an estimated 110,000 Americans living in Australia Australia is an incredible place to live for a variety of reasons – the laid-back culture, the warm climate, and the beaches, to name just a few. As an American expatriate living in Australia, though, what exactly do you need to know regarding filing US expat […]

US Expat Taxes in Thailand: Your Ultimate Guide (from a CPA)

US expat taxes Thailand

Thailand is one of the most fascinating and most frequently visited places in Asia – and it regularly draws hundreds of thousands of American visitors each year. With a delicate balance between its cultural past and high-tech future, Thailand is a country that around 20,000 US expats call home. With a laid-back atmosphere and tropical […]

US Expat Taxes in Singapore: Your Ultimate Guide (from a CPA)

US Expat Taxes Singapore

According to the US Department of State, more than 30,000 US citizens currently live in Singapore. The futuristic city-state offers many business opportunities for expats and provides one of the highest qualities of life in the world.  However, an aspect that can make moving to Singapore a headache is filing US taxes while overseas. In […]

Filing US Taxes in the UK: A Complete Expat Tax Guide

UK flag and Big Ben. Expats living in the UK must file US taxes

Updated March 2023 Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan vibe of London, a seaside getaway like Whitby, or the quaint countryside, there’s a great place to live in the UK for just about everybody. What’s more, there’s easy access to nearby European countries and universal healthcare throughout the country. As excited as you might be to […]

US Expat Taxes in China: Your Ultimate Guide (From a CPA)

US expat taxes China

Since its economy’s opening in 1978, China’s GDP growth has averaged almost 10% growth per year. The country’s economic boom represents an opportunity for many US expats to work in China, but it comes with complicated tax implications.  According to statistics, over 600,000 expats live in China, with 12% coming from the US. This article […]

Moving to Mexico: What to Expect as a US Expat

moving to mexico US expat

Have you ever thought about leaving the US behind to move to Mexico? You’re not alone. There are already an estimated 1.5 million Americans that call the Central American country home.  Not all of these Americans come to Mexico for the same thing. Some come to enjoy their golden years under the hot sun, some […]

US Expat Tax Guide for Americans Working in Panama

US expat panama taxes

Panama is an incredible place to call home – even if you’re only there temporarily as a US expat. With bountiful produce, idyllic weather, a laid-back atmosphere, and just a quick plane ride back to the States, it’s no wonder this Central American country is in popular demand. You’ll find more than 16,000 US expats […]

Filing Taxes in Canada: The Ultimate US Expat Guide

Filing taxes in Canada for US expats

Last updated March 13, 2023. Canada has charming cities, natural beauty, and close proximity to the US. Given that, it’s no wonder that the Great White North is the number two destination for Americans living abroad! However, US expats should be aware that living in Canada can complicate your US taxes. All American expatriates living […]

US Expat Tax Guide for Americans Working in Japan

tax guide Americans Japan

Japan. The land of sushi, Pokémon, incredibly fast bullet trains, and high-tech toilets that can even play music during your bathroom sessions. While the year is 2022, it feels like the Japanese are living in 3022.  Japan is also the country that tens of thousands of American expats call home. According to recent data, currently, […]