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Taxes on Lottery Winnings for US Expats & Nonresident Aliens

A US expat looking at her laptop in surprise because she has just won the lottery and needs to pay taxes on lottery winnings.

Taxes on lottery winnings can significantly impact the financial outcome for lucky individuals who hold a winning ticket. For US expats who enjoy trying their luck in the lottery, understanding the implications of winning is especially important. US citizens and permanent residents residing outside the United States are still obligated to file an annual tax […]

UK Capital Gains Tax & Residential Property Disposals

US expats abroad calculating their UK capital gains tax

For US expats living in the UK, the phrase “capital gains taxes” is likely familiar. Just like in the US, capital gains taxes in the UK are levied on the proceeds arising from the sale of certain assets. This includes, in some cases, residential property. Of course, the specific ways that capital gains taxes on […]

The Cost to Renounce US Citizenship for US Expats

Two men discuss renouncing US citizenship in an office high-rise

It’s not uncommon for US citizenship to pose difficulties for US citizens living abroad, particularly when they’ve lived abroad long term. While US citizenship grants certain privileges, such as the right to vote in federal elections and a US passport, it also carries with it certain burdensome obligations.  Among the most pressing concerns for Americans […]

US Citizen Working in the UK – A Guide to UK Employment Tax

Filing taxes in the UK for US citizens working in the UK

Moving to the UK as a US citizen is an exciting and milestone decision. After all, not everyone gets to experience life abroad! While many aspects of planning for an international move are engaging, like researching neighborhoods in London and learning to say “flat” instead of “apartment,” others are less so.  One common area expats […]

Canada Tax Rate VS the US: Do Americans Pay More?

Canada tax rate vs US

Getting ready to move to the Great White North? In addition to finding housing and physically moving yourself and your belongings, you’ll want to consider the tax implications of a move to Canada. A common question that often guides these considerations is a side-by-side comparison between the Canada tax rate vs the US tax rate. […]

Gifting Property To a Foreign Spouse and US Expat Taxes

There are times in life when family members exchange generous gifts with one another, such as during weddings, estate planning, or celebrations of life. However, while the focus may be on the act of giving or receiving foreign property, it is important to be aware of the tax implications that come along with it. These […]