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Understanding FBAR Filing: Should You Include Online Banks?

money in foreign online bank accounts

As a digitally savvy expat, you likely have some experience with money service providers and payment systems like Wise, PayPal, and others. And it’s all fun and games until it’s time to file your FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts), the annual disclosure of your foreign financial accounts held outside the US. Generating […]

Beckham Law in Spain & How It Affects US Expats

Beckham law for expats in Spain

For Americans considering or planning a move to Spain, reading up on the Beckham Law is a must. This special tax regime can offer significant tax cuts on Spanish-sourced income and exclude most worldwide income from Spanish taxation. Altogether, this can result in major savings on your tax bill. But who exactly qualifies for Beckham […]

What are Marginal Tax Rates? (With Examples for Expats)

Expat woman on her laptop researches a common question, "What are marginal tax rates?"

“What are marginal tax rates?” This query introduces a fundamental yet often misunderstood element of global tax systems.  Marginal tax rates, require a nuanced understanding to fully appreciate their impact on individual fiscal responsibilities.  In the following article, we will define marginal tax rates, introduce strategies to potentially reduce your marginal tax rate, and offer […]

Differences Between an Independent Contractor and an Employee

US expat exits a meeting after discussing the difference between independent contractor and employee.

With remote work, the gig economy, and digital nomadism disrupting the traditional employment model, a crucial question arises: What’s the difference between an independent contractor and an employee? Virtually all Americans have heard of these terms, and most have an idea of what they mean, but not everyone is aware of the important distinctions between […]