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US Expat Taxes: Year-end Planning Checklist

hourglass and US dollars, its time to plan year-end US expat taxes

Aargh! It’s time to start thinking about taxes again.  The end of the year should be a period of celebration – popping off the champagne cork and ringing in a new year. But for US expats, the end of the year often comes with apprehension and a lot of anxiety.  While filing taxes should be […]

What Is a US Person for Tax Purposes?

US person for tax purposes

The IRS requires all US persons to file taxes…  But how might one define a US person for tax purposes? It might seem like a pretty straightforward question, but the answer can be surprisingly complex.  Read on to learn what a US person is, what their tax obligations are, and more. Are you a US […]

Tax on Unearned Income: an Overview for US Expats

Tax on unearned income

When most people think about income taxes, they think about the taxes that are automatically withheld from their paycheck — or, if they’re self-employed, the quarterly tax estimates they pay to the government based on their expected earnings. While that does make up one component of income taxes, it’s not the only one. It’s important […]

3 Things I Wish My US Expat Tax Clients Knew (From a CPA!)

US expat tax from a CPA

Tax-wise, American expats are in a delicate spot. The US is one of the few countries in the world that applies citizenship-based taxation, meaning that US expats must file a tax return to declare their worldwide income each year, regardless of where they live.  As a result, many expats are left confused with unanswered questions […]

The Best Countries to Move to From the US: Your Ultimate Guide

best countries to move from US

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our attitudes towards work and corporate culture.  Turns out, you don’t need to work in an office all day to be productive. On top of that, remote work allows you to work from anywhere in the world. As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are slowly easing worldwide, it’s the perfect time […]

A Simple Guide: IRA Contributions as an American Expat

IRA contributions American expat

Americans struggle with a lack of knowledge about their retirement plans. According to a survey by GOBankingRates, over 37% of Americans feel like they don’t know enough about retirement and need more education on how they can successfully retire.  When a US expat decides to move overseas, understanding how to contribute to their IRA retirement […]