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Gifting Property To a Foreign Spouse and US Expat Taxes

There are times in life when family members exchange generous gifts with one another, such as during weddings, estate planning, or celebrations of life. However, while the focus may be on the act of giving or receiving foreign property, it is important to be aware of the tax implications that come along with it. These […]

7 Key Expat Tax Planning Tips for US Remote Workers Abroad

7 Key Tax Planning Tips for US Remote Workers Abroad

Remote working is a growing global trend, particularly working remotely for a foreign company as a digital nomad. Although living in different places around the world while working from a laptop may sound great in theory, there are certain practical matters to bear in mind before embarking on this journey. Many people don’t realize that […]

Taxes & Overseas Contractor Jobs: Your Complete Guide

expats with Overseas Contractor jobs talking about filing us expat taxes

If you work for a US contractor abroad, taxes can be confusing. Regardless of where they live, those with overseas contractor jobs will need to file a US tax return — but they may need to file taxes in their country of residence as well. But with a little bit of research and organization, you’ll […]