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Bright!Tax is a leading provider of US expat tax services to Americans living in over 190 countries worldwide. You can find out latest news and information announcements are below.

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Bright!Tax has been recognized numerous times as Best Expat Tax Provider and as a Innovation Leader in the field of cloud-based financial services.

Enabling the Future by Supporting Innovation: Bright!Lights Project Donates to the United Brain Association

gentle lights and hope

At Bright!Tax, we believe in leveraging our resources to foster a brighter future. Through our Bright!Lights project, we channel our commitment to philanthropy by supporting initiatives that not only promise innovation but also have a profound impact on global well-being. Each project under Bright!Lights is carefully selected to ensure that our contributions meaningfully advance community […]

Is Filing Taxes Online Safe? What US Expats Should Know

Older gentleman considering filing his US expat tax extension online meets with a Bright!Tax CPA for reassurance.

In today’s increasingly interconnected digital world, it’s natural to wonder if filing taxes online is safe for US expats. When we think about filing our taxes online, we seek efficiency, accuracy, and, most importantly, trustworthiness.  However, recent developments have shown that not all tax preparation firms handle your sensitive data with the same degree of […]

FATCA Enforcement: What US Expats Need to Know 

Foreign financial institutions

For Americans living abroad, US taxes may feel like an “out of sight, out of mind” type of situation. However, the US’s citizen-based taxation system means that all citizens and permanent residents must file a tax return, regardless of where they live. To make matters more complicated, living abroad often triggers additional tax requirements and […]

US Expat Taxes 2024: 12 Tips from the Best Expat Tax Service

Woman living overseas successfully files taxes for expats by partnering with Bright!Tax.

Taxes for expats tend to be complicated, especially for US expats.  If you’re a US citizen living abroad with questions about what the expat tax filing requirements are, you’re not alone. Some expats aren’t even aware they need to continue filing US tax returns while living overseas.  Expatriate tax is a complicated realm for Americans […]

Register for the 2022 Expats Virtual Financial Summit

Expats Financial Summit 2022

Registration for the 2022 Expats Virtual Financial Summit is now open! The four day summit, taking place from February 8-11, 2022, features presentations from some of the world’s leading authorities on a range of expat financial hot topics, including tax, financial planning and investing, cryptocurrency, voting, insurance, and international money transfer, all with a focus […]

Natalie Heath Receives Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award

Natalie Heath Global Scholar

The Bright!Tax Awards Committee is proud to announce that Natalie Heath has become the twelfth recipient of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award. The Award is a biannual scholarship for ambitious, inspirational young Americans who are studying overseas. Bright!Tax is the leading provider of US tax services for the 10 million Americans living abroad. Bright!Tax founder […]