Bright!Lights Project Donates to CARE Housing: Opportunity Begins with Home

At Bright!Tax, we believe in leveraging our resources to foster a brighter future. Through the Bright!Lights project, we channel our commitment to philanthropy by supporting initiatives that have a profound impact on global well-being, and connect to the values of our team or clients in some way.

Bright!Lights is our attempt to create a ripple effect: by giving, we hope to inspire others to give as well.

This quarter, moved by a fellow team member’s own connection to the organization, we decided to make a donation to CARE Housing. Read on to  more about what CARE Housing does and why it holds meaning for the Bright!Tax team..

Meet CARE Housing

CARE Housing helps families achieve stable and affordable housing, providing them with a foundation to grow and thrive. Based in Colorado, this organization aims to “create an equitable and just community through high-quality affordable housing and transformative resident services.”

The company was established over 30 years ago with a vision led by Sister Mary Alice Murphy. Ever since, CARE Housing has been a leading provider of affordable housing solutions in Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado. It builds supportive communities with social services to empower residents, particularly low-income families, older people, and individuals with disabilities.

CARE’s unique approach leverages partnerships between public, private, and faith-based organizations. This collaboration fosters expertise in housing finance, development, property management, and social services. They’ve successfully developed seven communities designed to seamlessly integrate into neighborhoods. Residents benefit from affordable housing, allowing them to dedicate more of their income toward their well-being and future advancement.

CARE Housing providing affordable homes to families in need

Why we chose CARE Housing

The community impact that CARE Housing makes was reason enough for us to select the organization for a Bright!Lights contribution. Our participation through donation became even more compelling upon learning that the spouse of Bright!Tax COO Allyson Lindsey participates on the Board of Directors of the organization.

Will Lindsey shares the values of both CARE Housing and the Bright!Tax team:

I joined the CARE Housing board because I believe strongly in the role that affordable housing plays in making our community a great city for all residents regardless of their socio-economic background. The work that CARE Housing does to create opportunities for families in need to have safe and secure housing so that hundreds of children will not have to wonder where they’ll live next will always be near and dear to my heart.”

Our impact

The donation from Bright!Tax will directly fund rent for families in crisis and in immediate need in Fort Collins, CO. While focused in a specific town, we believe that supporting one family to thrive ultimately impacts the global community by enabling them as global citizens.

Giving back through Bright!Lights allows us to express our gratitude to the communities we live in. By contributing to CARE Housing, we hope to play a small role in creating a brighter future for families in need. We are honored to be a part of this positive change.

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