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US Expat Taxes 2024: 12 Tips from the Best Expat Tax Service

Woman living overseas successfully files taxes for expats by partnering with Bright!Tax.

Taxes for expats tend to be complicated, especially for US expats.  If you’re a US citizen living abroad with questions about what the expat tax filing requirements are, you’re not alone. Some expats aren’t even aware they need to continue filing US tax returns while living overseas.  Expatriate tax is a complicated realm for Americans […]

FBAR Filing 2024: Clarifying FinCen Form 114 for Expats

US global taxpayer does his FBAR filing at a laptop in a cafe.

The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) is filed using FinCen Form 114, though much about this US reporting requirement is misunderstood. In the following article, we dive into the essential elements of FinCEN Form 114, providing key background information, and detailing who must file and deadlines in 2024. Ensuring adherence to these regulations is key […]

Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (for Expat Amnesty)

US expat makes power pose after successfully catching up on taxes by partnering with Bright!Tax to complete the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

The Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SLP) provides a light at the end of the tunnel for qualifying global US taxpayers seeking IRS amnesty from late-filing US tax penalties. As a US citizen or permanent resident living overseas, getting a handle on your tax responsibilities is essential. The program offers a streamlined process for expats to […]

FATCA – Everything Expats Need to Know

FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Guide for US Expats - Tax Professional

If you’re a US expat living abroad, you’ve likely heard FATCA used as a bad word. And to be frank, it can quite literally ruin someone’s day – it significantly complicates US taxpayers’ day-to-day life abroad.  Some context: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), is a law passed by US Congress in 2010 to […]

Catch Up on Expat Taxes: Streamlined Procedure vs. DIIRSP

US expat throws his hands up in relief as he discusses his US tax filing options from abroad with his US expat tax expert.

Streamlined Procedure or Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures: Which is better for catching up on your taxes? Each program has its own benefits and eligibility criteria, so below, we’ve put together a high-level overview of the Streamlined Procedure and the DIIRSP. Read on to learn how these procedures can benefit you and which may be the better fit.

How to File an Extension for the June 15 Tax Deadline

June 15 US expat tax deadline

Americans who earn above a certain threshold — even those living abroad — must file a federal tax return each year. While Americans living within the US must file their return by April 15th, US expats have a June 15 tax deadline. Fortunately, those who need extra time can request an extension. While the time […]

How to Move an LLC to Another State: The Expat’s Guide

a man with a laptop writing down notes

Many small business owners with a US-registered limited liability company (LLC) choose to maintain it when moving abroad. After all, an LLC offers significant liability protection, allows you to choose alternative tax treatments, and may make it easier to work with US-based clients. But at some point, motivated by tax rates in the state your […]

Thailand Digital Nomad Visa: Eligibility, Taxes, & More

Thailand landscape

For remote workers seeking warm weather, beautiful nature, and a low cost of living, the Thailand digital nomad visa may sound like a dream come true. While Thailand has long been a US expat hotspot, previous long-term visa options had higher fees and stricter income requirements. With the new digital nomad visa, moving to the […]

Retire in Argentina: Visas, Healthcare, Taxes, & More

Argentina landscape

If you’re looking to spend your golden years in a safe, beautiful, and affordable country, you may want to retire in Argentina. A fascinating blend of South American and European cultures, Argentina has taken off in recent years not only as a vacation destination but also as a place to live. Digging beyond the surface-level […]

When Do Expats Need a Tax Preparer? 9 Common Scenarios

A man sitting at a desk with paperwork

This year, almost three-quarters of Americans said they planned to file their own taxes — either manually or with the help of tax preparation software. In some cases, this makes sense. If all of your income is W-2 income, you hold minimal assets, and you don’t mind putting in the effort, filing on your own […]