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Planning a Move Abroad

Are you fostering a (not-so-secret) love affair with travel? Have you considered taking this relationship to the next level by finding a permanent or semi-permanent home overseas? You and everyone else, apparently! The data is not shy in painting a clear picture – a record number of Americans are considering a move abroad. Between May […]

How to Prepare to File Your US Taxes as an Expat

Getting ready to file US taxes from abroad

If you’re like many American expats, filing your US tax return from abroad may seem like a daunting task, however it doesn’t have to be that way.  When filing from abroad, being prepared and understanding which documents to gather is important to ensure a smooth, stress-free filing process. Once you reach out to an expat […]

What is Citizenship Based Taxation?

citizenship based taxation for Americans abroad

Expats are America’s unofficial envoys, shaping the world’s perception of the United States and of Americans at large. It has been estimated that there are around 10 million Americans living abroad creating new lives and opportunities. Yet despite living a great distance from the US, many expatriates find themselves in the precarious position of having […]

US Taxes for Expats in 2022 – A 12 Step Guide to Success

US Taxes for Expats - A Complete Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Many Americans living abroad in 2022 are unaware or confused about their US tax filing obligations. The US tax system is unusual, as it taxes based on citizenship. Almost every other country either taxes based on residence (so only people living in that country have to file taxes there), or taxes based on income arising […]

US Tax on Foreign Property for American Expats in 2022

Foreign Property American Expats

The purchase or sale of a home stateside can be challenging enough. Abroad, you also have to navigate the US expat tax reporting requirements, which can be a little confusing to say the least.  As a US expat, you may already know that your worldwide income must be reported on your American tax return and […]

The Top 5 Countries for Digital Nomad Visas in 2022

The Top 5 Countries for Digital Nomad Visas in 2022

The term ‘Digital Nomad’ was introduced to the world in the 1997 book ‘Digital Nomad’ by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners, forecasting the remote worker in the age of the internet.  Investopedia describes digital nomads as people who are location-independent and use technology to perform their job while living a nomadic lifestyle. Traveling the world […]