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How to File FBAR Online in 2023: A Guide for Expats

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Updated February 3rd, 2023 For many Americans living abroad, learning that they have to file a US tax return is a surprise. Furthermore, the need to research head-scratching terms like “how to file FBAR” and how to file supplementary forms is often frustrating. The reason US tax season triggers headaches around the world is due […]

Understanding the Swiss Pension System as a US Expat – Pillar 1 of 3 

Switzerland Pension Pillars US Expats

Switzerland, aka the Playground of Europe, is a popular destination for American expats. Many find life in Switzerland so enjoyable that they stay, establishing careers and raising families along the way.  As with life anywhere, living in Switzerland comes with some bureaucratic and logistical hurdles – particularly for American citizens and Green Card holders. The […]

Digital Nomad Taxes: Frequently Asked Questions

digital nomad taxes faq hero

Since it was first coined in the early 90s, the phrase “digital nomad” has gone from obscure to commonplace, in large part due to the post-COVID-19 remote work boom.  It makes sense: who wouldn’t want to explore new countries and cultures on a regular basis? Working as a digital nomad can even be beneficial from […]

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Foreigners Visiting the EU

EU flag. An ETIAS visa waiver will be required by many foreigners, including Americans, who wish to visit the EU and Schengen Zone countries from November 2023 onward

Do you want to marvel at Santorini’s whitewashed homes and blue seas, hike in the Swiss Alps, or savor the creamy taste of a genuine Florentine gelato? Of course you do. However, 2023 is bringing a key change for Americans seeking a European escape: The entry requirement for many foreigners traveling to the EU is […]

Expat Tax Changes for 2023 – IRS Updates

As a US expat living abroad, you already know that the tax code is continuously changing. So, it’s no surprise that expat tax changes in 2023 require a deep dive. That’s where we come in! Although the 2023 tax season just opened (so, tax returns for 2022 are being filed this year), the IRS has […]

Gifting Property To a Foreign Spouse and US Expat Taxes

There are times in life when family members exchange generous gifts with one another, such as during weddings, estate planning, or celebrations of life. However, while the focus may be on the act of giving or receiving foreign property, it is important to be aware of the tax implications that come along with it. These […]

FATCA Enforcement: What US Expats Need to Know 

For Americans living abroad, US taxes may feel like an “out of sight, out of mind” type of situation. However, the US’s citizen-based taxation system means that all citizens and permanent residents must file a tax return, regardless of where they live. To make matters more complicated, living abroad often triggers additional tax requirements and […]

The IRS Agency 2022 Annual Report: Implications for Expats

Every year, the IRS publishes an Annual Report. This report functions as a report card of sorts, dutifully noting its accomplishments and challenges.  In 2022, the IRS collected over $4.9 trillion in gross revenue to fund much of the federal government. These funds go to supporting federal infrastructures, including our national parks, air traffic control, […]