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Taxes & Overseas Contractor Jobs: Your Complete Guide

expats with Overseas Contractor jobs talking about filing us expat taxes

If you work for a US contractor abroad, taxes can be confusing. Regardless of where they live, those with overseas contractor jobs will need to file a US tax return — but they may need to file taxes in their country of residence as well. But with a little bit of research and organization, you’ll […]

Digital Nomad Taxes: Why 2023 Is the Year to Move Abroad

two Digital Nomads near van, laughing as they talk about filing US taxes

Digital nomad: it’s a term that’s been nearly inescapable over the past couple of years. In a post-pandemic world, remote work is increasingly the norm. More Americans than ever are embracing this adventurous lifestyle as a way to satisfy their wanderlust without giving up the stability of steady employment. Luckily for those who are intrigued […]

US Expat Taxes: Year-end Planning Checklist

hourglass and US dollars, its time to plan year-end US expat taxes

Aargh! It’s time to start thinking about taxes again.  The end of the year should be a period of celebration – popping off the champagne cork and ringing in a new year. But for US expats, the end of the year often comes with apprehension and a lot of anxiety.  While filing taxes should be […]

California State Taxes For US Expats

US expat California state taxes

Americans living abroad who previously lived in California may still be liable to pay California state income taxes. California is among the states with the most stringent income tax regimes. Similar to the Hotel California lyric, you can check out any time you like (yet when it comes to California expat taxes), it can be […]

Accidental Americans: How to Catch Up on US Expat Taxes

accidental American expat taxes

At first glance, the term “Accidental Americans” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — after all, how do you become an American by happenstance? But the truth is, Accidental Americans are surprisingly common. One banking organization put the figure at around 110,000, which is believed to be a very conservative estimate. As American persons, […]

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need to Know

Spains digital nomad visa

If you’re a US citizen or resident looking to move abroad, it’s hard to beat Spain. Beyond the great weather and relatively low cost of living, Spain has a rich culture and tons of amazing destinations to explore. For many years, however, it has been pretty challenging for digital nomads to get a long-term visa […]

What Is a US Person for Tax Purposes?

US person for tax purposes

The IRS requires all US persons to file taxes…  But how might one define a US person for tax purposes? It might seem like a pretty straightforward question, but the answer can be surprisingly complex.  Read on to learn what a US person is, what their tax obligations are, and more. Are you a US […]