US Expat Taxes for Americans Living in Australia – A Guide

expat filing taxes in australia

There are an estimated 105,000 Americans living in Australia. Australia is an incredible place to live for a variety of reasons – the laid back culture, the warm climate, and the beaches to name just three. As an American expatriate living in Australia though, what exactly do you need to know regarding filing US expat […]

How to File US Taxes Overseas

How to File US Taxes Overseas

Filing US taxes overseas is typically necessary for all Americans who live outside the United States around the world. This is because the US taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, wherever in the world they may live. Unfortunately, international tax treaties don’t mitigate the requirement for American expats to file from overseas, even if […]

How to File Form 1040-NR for Non-Resident Aliens

How to File Form 1040-NR for Non-Resident Aliens

The US tax system is different to other countries, firstly because it is citizenship-based rather than residence-based, and secondly because the US has global financial reach. Being citizenship-based means that all US citizens and Green Card holders have to file a US tax return every year, and report their total global income, no matter where […]

Filing Form 5471 – Foreign Corporation Reporting for US Expats

expat corporation tax Form 5471

Expats are most often adventurous and independent-minded – the same character traits that make great entrepreneurs. So it’s no surprise really that many expats choose to start their own business abroad. The first choices that expats face when starting a foreign company is what legal structure their new foreign entity should have, and where to […]

The Foreign Housing Exclusion: A Brief Guide for US Expats

expats foreign housing exclusion

The Foreign Housing Exclusion allows American expats to deduct reasonable housing expenses from their taxable earned income. The Foreign Housing Exclusion is granted in conjunction with the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, but neither are granted automatically: you have to apply for them and file form 2555 with your annual return. The Foreign Housing Exclusion is […]

Filing NIIT Form 8960 A Guide For US Expats

Form 8960 For US Expats

US expats who receive income from investments may have to pay an additional US tax called Net Investment Income Tax, or NIIT. The amount of the NIIT is calculated on Form 8960. What is NIIT? NIIT is an additional US income tax applied to whichever is smaller of your net investment income or your Modified Adjusted […]

FBAR Penalties Explained

expat with fbar penalties

What are the possible consequences for Americans with foreign bank accounts who haven’t filed an FBAR? In this article, we take a closer look. What is it? FBAR is an acronym for the Foreign Bank Account Report. It is a reporting requirement for Americans with offshore financial accounts. It was introduced as part of the […]