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The Best Countries to Move to From the US: Your Ultimate Guide

best countries to move from US

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our attitudes towards work and corporate culture.  Turns out, you don’t need to work in an office all day to be productive. On top of that, remote work allows you to work from anywhere in the world. As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are slowly easing worldwide, it’s the perfect time […]

US Expat Taxes in China: Your Ultimate Guide (From a CPA)

US expat taxes China

Since its economy’s opening in 1978, China’s GDP growth has averaged almost 10% growth per year. The country’s economic boom represents an opportunity for many US expats to work in China, but it comes with complicated tax implications.  According to statistics, over 600,000 expats live in China, with 12% coming from the US. This article […]

US Citizens Living in the UK: A Simple US Tax Guide

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The UK is the home of famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge. And according to data by Statista, it’s also home to over 166,000 Americans. Life in the UK has many benefits, such as easy access to nearby European countries and universal healthcare. But as excited as you might be […]