Retirement Abroad

Americans Love Retiring Abroad

Retiring abroad has never been more popular, thanks to the perceived benefits of a better climate and quality of life, not to mention a healthy sense of late life adventure.

Retirement Abroad Tax Information

One possible downside to retirement abroad is that all Americans have to file a US taxes every year, even expats, meaning that tax planning is an essential part of overall planning for retiring overseas.

How to Move Your US Retirement Account Overseas

US retirement account overseas l

If you’re an expat, chances are you’ve toyed with the idea of moving your retirement account overseas with you. But how do you do it, and what does it mean for your taxes and reporting requirements?  The financial implication of moving your US retirement account overseas will depend on, among other things, the type of […]

The 7 Best Places to Retire Outside the United States

best places to retire outside the US

Many Americans want to retire abroad, whether it’s to enjoy a higher quality of life or discover a new culture. In fact, according to a survey by the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement, over 1 in 10 US workers aspire to retire abroad.  But with so many options for where to call home once […]

Can US Expats Collect Social Security Benefits? 

US expat social security

When it comes to US expat taxes, there’s a lot to handle. Expats must file various forms depending on their situation (such as the FBAR or Foreign Tax Credit) and comply with strict IRS deadlines.  Something that may go over the heads of US expats as they file their tax returns, however, is Social Security. […]

An unofficial roadmap: Make the right moves when moving abroad.

Planning a Move Abroad

Are you fostering a (not-so-secret) love affair with travel? Have you considered taking this relationship to the next level by finding a permanent or semi-permanent home overseas? You and everyone else, apparently! The data is not shy in painting a clear picture – a record number of Americans are considering a move abroad. Between May […]

The Best Places to Retire in the World in 2022

The Best Places to Retire in the World in 2022

A recent study suggests at least 12 percent of Americans have considered living abroad in older age and retirement, but often a myriad of distractions in our ever demanding world get in the way. With more than half a million retired American expats collecting social security benefits outside the US, it’s clear many push past […]

Retire Abroad US Tax Guide

Retire Abroad US Tax Guide

Over a million Americans have retired abroad, and millions more aspire to. The most common benefits include a better climate, affordable healthcare, and a better standard of living on retirement income. The most popular destination for Americans retiring abroad is Mexico, due to the twin appeals of its proximity and affordability. Many folks move there […]

Best Countries for Expats to Retire Overseas in 2021

Best Countries for Expats to Retire Overseas in 2021

Retirement abroad is more popular than ever, as the world has become more connected online, making managing finances and keeping in touch with family and friends from abroad easier. The desire to travel meanwhile has been amplified by the pandemic. The top considerations when considering where to retire overseas are cost of living, healthcare, quality […]

US Taxation of Foreign Retirement Accounts for Expats

US Taxation of Foreign Retirement Accounts for Expats

Nine million Americans live abroad, and expats employed by foreign firms in particular, often have foreign retirement accounts. Because the US tax system is based on citizenship, all US citizens, including expats, have to file a tax return to the IRS every year, reporting their worldwide income and assets. Foreign retirement plans often have tax benefits […]