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At Bright!Tax we are keenly focused on the experience our clients have while working with us. From your first contact with Bright!Tax all the way to the successful completion of a project on your behalf, we interact with you in a manner that is clear, concise and exacting to your needs. And all backed by world-class American CPAs who are expert at filing US taxes for Americans who are living abroad.

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Aggregate rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 3125 client reviews

Sarah V | Spain | 2021

Everything went really smoothly. I don't have any complaints or recommendations! I did refer a friend to you (I don't know if she'll sign up), so I'm very happy with your business!

Julie L | Germany | 2021

I had a wonderful experience with Bright!Tax. I was provided detailed information both in emails and by phone. The response time was fast and thorough, and the people were lovely. Many thanks!

Katharine R | Portugal | 2021

Exceptional service. The IRS made a mistake with "finished" returns from previous years, and Bright!Tax helped me fix the problem quickly, avoiding headaches and stress. The company is a Godsend for me, as an expat.

Deanna S | UK | 2021

Overall a very good experience - proactive and prompt responses from the team with detailed instructions on filing.

The experience has been top notch and I would definitely recommend your firm.

Suzanne M | France | 2020

Mysaa D | Jordan | 2020

The platform was easy to use and Katelynn was very helpful in answering any questions. Overall an excellent experience.

Natalie H | Ireland | 2020

Everyone I interacted with at Bright!Tax was very professional, personable, and informative. This was my first year living abroad, which came with many of its own challenges and unknowns. Taxes were a huge fear of mine, and I knew very little going into my first international tax experience. Allyson was always available to answer my questions, and I could tell that she, and her associates, took great care to explain everything to me. Her and her team were responsive through emails, and often offered to set up a phone call in case I had additional questions. I felt that I was in good hands with everyone I worked with. I will definitely be using the service again!

Michael D | New Zealand | 2020


Soraya W | Canada | 2020

I enjoyed my entire experience with Bright!Tax. Both Katelynn and Dafne were super responsive, thorough, and helpful. I am excited to work with them again next year.

This is my third year using Bright!Tax and I am completely satisfied with their competent and professional service.

Christine S | Austria | 2020

Susan D | Bahamas | 2020

Good experience.

Milton H | Vietnam | 2020

Very good. I was quite pleased with how quickly my project was completed, the responsiveness of everyone I interacted with and the clarity of communications addressing my questions. Definitely, Bright!Tax is highly recommended!

Jin K | South Korea | 2020

Service was reasonably quick and communication was easily accessible.

Avi Y | Israel | 2020

Excellent. Jeff, Dafne and the team were great. I highly recommend the service and team!

Anna K | Switzerland | 2019

The team was very responsive in answering my questions and I felt I was in good hands.

Celeste B | UK | 2019

Allyson was very good at giving me much-needed prompts to complete various parts when necessary. The return was very thorough and we feel confident it was completed well.

Nic C | France | 2019

A happy client! It was a smooth, personable experience. From start to finish, everyone at Bright!Tax has been friendly, professional and very efficient! Thanks again for a great help!

Andrea G | Netherlands | 2019

Excellent. Friendly helpful services. Made the process easy for me.

Excellent. A very competent team!!!

Geri F | Germany | 2019

Josh S | Israel | 2019

Great! Both the service as well as Allyson and Dafne themselves. Conscientious and gracious. Beyond my expectations! Why only 5 stars??

Jort B | Thailand | 2019

Received excellent service from everyone involved, My tax return was prepared swiftly, with clear communication and quick response when questions were asked. Very pleased and hope to be back next year.

Graham B | Canada | 2019

Very helpful. Katelynn gave honest and educated advice on how I can reduce my tax exposure moving forward. Thanks!

Richard B | Ireland | 2019

I highly recommend Bright!Tax. This was the first time I have used a tax accountant I found online and I will be using their services going forward. Katelynn was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I particularly appreciated how she was so quick to address specific questions I had. For expats living overseas, filing US taxes can be intimidating. Bright!Tax makes it easy.

Beyond easy. You guys are also super patient, and Allyson is THE BEST! I'm so happy to have been working with you for all my filings since 2015.

Sam B | Hong Kong | 2019

Guru K | The Netherlands | 2019

Everything went very smoothly; good follow up and communication. Great people to work with. Thanks for taking care of things.

Brandon M | Denmark | 2019

It was difficult for me to estimate when I would have my necessary documents from the foreign country where I live. And therefter I was very slow at following up, both with entering the information into your form, and paying the bill, and signing the final authorization documents. Apart from that, it was completely painless and you were immediate in responding - so thanks!

Andrew P | Jordan | 2019

It's been a pleasure for me and my wife to work with Bright!Tax. They are knowledgeable, conscientious and personable. Their responsiveness to questions is excellent, as is their thoroughness, professionalism, and candor. Everything was convenient, and they worked around our schedule. We were very happy with the quick results, outstanding services, and reasonable cost. We highly recommend them.

Bradford S | Singapore | 2019

Ryan and team were very helpful, offering advice, receptive to input and changes, and completed my tax return on-time. Thanks.

Russel U | Hungary | 2018

I have used your services for my second year in a row and the total experience has been fantastic.

Marcia W | Canada | 2018

I was hesitant at first not knowing what to expect with a an online tax service. Allyson's service was seamless and my fears vanished after our first consultation.

Kaci F | New Zealand | 2018

A great experience. Allyson was always available to answer my questions. I'd been putting off doing my taxes as it seemed so daunting, but she made it a very easy process.

Janet A | Thailand | 2018

Very helpful and understanding, which is what I need.

It was a wonderful experience. I have peace of mind now, and will definitely use you again in the future!

Britta B | Hong Kong | 2018

Richard A | Australia | 2018

Very good.

Sarah D | Germany | 2018

Easy to work with. Fast turnaround. Accurate. Fair price.

Andrew N | UK | 2018

A good experience from start to finish - taking away the stress.

Antonio P | Chile | 2018

Fantastic. Professional team and very friendly to work with.

William L | Indonesia | 2018

I am an expat living overseas and have filed the last 4 years through Bright!Tax It has truly never been easier, as well as being cost effective and efficient. I would recommend Bright!Tax to anyone looking to make their lives easier and/or trying to make sure their taxes are filed correctly, swiftly and efficiently.

Return customer - am impressed with standard of advice and service (responsive, friendly - truly excellent)

Laura T | UK | 2018

Erin R | Switzerland | 2018

Very good, team was very helpful and responsive.

Will C| Finland | 2018

Very good, worked at just the right pace.

Margaret J | Germany | 2018

This is my second year working with Bright!Tax and I am very satisfied thus far. I appreciate that the online portal makes it very easy to see what I need to provide and what is already uploaded and available.

Andrew S | UAE | 2018

Experience has been good. I hope going forward as my tax situation gets a little more complicated Bright!Tax has the time to review in detail and advise accordingly.

Sarah B | Spain | 2018

I am very impressed with the CPAs at Bright!Tax. I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg and Katelynn , both of whom took the time to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable and at ease. They are knowledgeable and friendly and were happy to take the time to explain things to me. I have already recommended Bright!Tax to friends and look forward to working with Bright!Tax again in the future.

A very professional and easy process.

Stuart M | Australia | 2018

Tom R |Singapore | 2018

Quick and easy with good correspondence regarding my questions. I really appreciate Allyson and Dafne's professionalism. I will use Bright Tax's services next year too.

Lois C | Canada | 2018

It was a pleasant helpful experience. My questions were answered and it was completed in a timely manner. Thanks!

David L | Honduras | 2018

Good experience.

Brett B | Czech Republic | 2018

Fast, friendly, and professional. Katelynn, Daphne, and the team at BT are clearly experts in what they do. I will use their services for as long as I'm abroad.

Faisal S | India | 2018

Very professional and courteous. Allyson was always prompt with her responses to my questions and requests. Overall very happy with the services provided.

Feedback always prompt and succinct. Love the new online forms that retain prior year submissions.

Lior S | South Africa | 2018

William M | South Korea| 2018

A seamless process and experience. Allyson and all the Bright!Tax staff were professional and knowledgeable throughout and helpful in always following-up. Thank you.

Jason H | Spain | 2018

Katelynn is fantastic. Always really friendly and even when I am late to do something she is patient and reliable. I will utilize her next year!

Alfredo F | Canada | 2018

Bright!Tax has an excellent communication system, which kept me informed and answered my questions and concerns. Friendly and professionally outstanding.

Allison G | Belize | 2018

Allyson was excellent. While this was a very stressful year in terms of learning new tax requirements, Allyson assisted and made it a smooth process

The best service I've ever received after working with many tax professionals over the decades.

Kaia R | Canada | 2018

David E | Singapore | 2018

Very fast and painless. Good advice on past returns which reduced my tax owed. So far, have not received any negative communications from IRS. This was a regular occurrence with previous tax preparers.

Douglas S | Portugal | 2018


John M | Costa Rica | 2018

It went smoothly from start to conclusion.

Paula G | Chile | 2018

Quick answers, they answered all my doubts.

Mark S | Italy | 2018

Very efficient, very friendly, very reasonable price.

What looked like an onerous task turned into a painless experience. Bright!Tax were very friendly and efficient. My return was completed quickly. Looking forward to another painless return next year.

Rebecca S | Australia | 2018

Gayle W | Canada| 2018

Bright!Tax staff have been very knowledgable, efficient and extremely quick to respond to any questions and to confirm receipt of documentation.

Anmar M | Dubai | 2018

Honestly, this service has made the filing of taxes for me so easy. Ryan and Dafne have been extremely helpful, and most importantly, the process was simple and seamless. Keep up the excellent work.

Jeremy H | Switzerland | 2018

Very easy, well supported, and straightforward, exactly what I am looking for in an expat tax preparation service.

Alexandra W | UK | 2018

They always answered e-mails promptly, hassle free, excellent service. Thank you.

Lori L | The Netherlands | 2018

Katelynn is always a pleasure to work with, and she takes great care of me. See you next year!

Super efficient, very pleasant, accommodating, and worth every penny. Allyson and Dafne were simply the best!

Abram M | Morocco | 2018

Alex S | The Seychelles | 2018

Very professional, Katelynn has done really super work on my returns for the last two years.

Melissa A | Australia | 2018

I was overwhelmed at the prospect of doing my taxes myself when I sought help. Katelynn and Dafne were responsive and professional throughout the process. From the start I was made to feel confident that my tax issues would be handled correctly and promptly by them.

Ann C | Austria | 2018

I rely on Bright!Tax to help me file my yearly tax return. Thank you for such great service! If I think of anyone to refer, I will be sure to do so.

Molly M | Germany | 2018

Bright!Tax provided me with the support and answers that I needed to feel confident to submit my taxes. Thank you for your great customer service.

Christy H | Australia | 2018

From the initial point of contact to the finalisation, I was kept in the loop and everything went so smoothly and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The process was stress free.

I had very good experience with Bright!Tax. All my questions were answered promptly and satisfactorily. Thank you very much, I will definitely be in touch.

Suman S | Mayasia | 2018

Mary W | Argentina | 2018

I've had an excellent experience with Katelynn. She was extremely generous with her time and knowledge. She went out of her way to find answers that required additional research before I decided to hire Bright!Tax, and thanks to her help I got to pay less taxes than those I'd have paid if I'd filed on my own. I totally recommend Bright!Tax!

Christopher W | UK | 2017

It was very good experience. They were exemplary in their efforts to complete a tax return which was difficult because of my personal situation.

Jono C | Canada | 2017

Very easy to use, prompt responses to questions.

Patrick F | UK | 2017

Very professional, very organized, very good. I'm glad I've found Bright!Tax. I will be back next year - Thank you.

Jim A | Qatar | 2017

This was my first time and it was a good experience.

Well, Bright!Tax did a outstanding job on my behalf. They were very helpful and expedited everything.

Alfredo F | Peru | 2017

Philipp E | Austria | 2017

Everyone I dealt with was very patient, professional and knowledgeable.

Kathy S | Australia | 2017

This has been the most pleasant experience of filing US tax returns I've had. The process was easy and quick. If I had any US expat friends to whom I could recommend Bright!Tax, I would without hesitation.

Jill W | UK | 2017

I would never think that doing my taxes could be a pleasant process, but working with Katelynn and Dafne is about as close as it can get! This has been my third year working with Bright!Tax. Again it's been easy, quick, and painless and I'm very thankful to have made this connection!

Hans K | Chile| 2017

Nothing to complain about.... and pleasantly surprised about the efficient and effective interaction, getting to know each other by email and phone, clarifying questions, and obtaining good answers to difficult questions.... Overall happy on my side to continue with the relationship.

Carlos L | Uruguay | 2017

Very pleasant. The staff are very professional, efficient and courteous.

Always excellent. Very supportive.

Temba B | Zimbabwe | 2017

Alex S | Canada | 2017

Excellent. In particular with regards to response time. I'm very pleased with my overall experience the last few years.

Rashad P | Thailand | 2017

I have used several expat tax services before, including my own CPA whom I knew personally in Florida. I have to say, your company was impeccable. I'll be sure to recommend you to others expats I know.

Joseph P | Morocco | 2017

Bright!Tax is easy, rigorous, and accurate. Specifically, Katelynn is super pleasant to work with. Efficient and nice. What more could you ask for in a tax preparer?

Tyler R | China | 2017

I've had three projects with Bright!Tax so far. Dafne and Katelynn have been wonderful to work with and have answered all my questions promptly. I will be recommending Bright!Tax to my colleagues.

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