Nonresident Alien

Starting an LLC as a Foreigner: What Non-US Citizens Should Know

An expert in US taxes discusses the implications of starting an LLC with a foreigner during a meeting.

Starting an LLC as a foreigner in the United States is a complex endeavor with many considerations to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll break down the process for nonresident aliens (NRAs) looking to establish their business presence in the land of opportunity.  We’ll begin by answering a common question, “What is an LLC?” […]

A Brief Guide to Green Cards

Green cards

If you’re an immigrant in the US or considering becoming one, you’ve probably heard of Green Cards. Learning more about them, though, can be tough — combing through page after page on the USCIS website may leave you more confused than before.  We’ve put together a short, plain-spoken guide to green cards to make it […]