Bright!Tax Launches Proprietary Secure Online Client Tax Interface

bright!tax launches online client organizer

Bright!Tax Continues to Raise the Bar Globally – Introduces Latest Innovation – a Secure Online Client Interface that Makes the Process of Filing US Taxes from Abroad a Whole Lot Easier!

Most often when American expats engage a US expat tax firm to prepare their US taxes, they are first greeted warmly, but then are almost immediately presented with a standardized generic ‘Form’ that is typically comprised of up to 15 (!) pages of required information.

They have to complete, print, sign, scan, and return this form to their respective tax preparation firm. It has been estimated that this process requires as much as 15 hours of a tax-filer’s time to complete (every year).

And this is just to begin the process. The timeline mentioned does not include gathering and providing any necessary supporting documents, that one may or may not have on hand .

At Bright!Tax however we felt that this process was unreasonably long and burdensome on our clients.

Enter the Bright!Tax Secure Online Tax Organizer

Built from the ground up, utilizing a core group of Silicon Valley programming experts, Bright!Tax has created a proprietary solution that is completely online, is online-banking secure, and that marries all of the necessary client information and document uploads in one clean, elegant and precise online interface that clients may access securely at any time, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Furthermore, Bright!Tax’s groundbreaking new Secure Online Tax Organizer is personalized for each individual client by their Bright!Tax CPA to include only the categories and fields that are relevant to their situation. In other words, we only ask for the information we need.

This means that clients no longer need to worry about which parts of a generic form are relevant (e.g. Income, Expenses, Bank Accounts, FBAR, FATCA, Sole Proprietorship, Corporations etc.).

The Bright!Tax Secure Online Tax Organizer exponentially streamlines the process by allowing clients to simply update their personal circumstances as appropriate each year.

When a client first logs in to their personalized Organizer Interface, it will only ask for the information that is specific to their circumstance.

Hitting the Ball Out of the Park –

Perhaps the greatest innovation that the Bright!Tax Secure Client Organizer provides to our expat clients though is our proprietary carry-forward function. Once our clients have entered their details for a given year, in future years they can elect to ‘carry forward’ that same data (names, addresses, dependents, bank accounts, etc.) and then simply update/change ‘only what has changed’ for each successive year.

The magic for Bright!Tax clients is this – rather than spending long-suffering hours completing (and recompleting) a ‘paper/digital’ document year after year as clients at other expat tax preparation firms have to, the Bright!Tax Secure Online Tax Organizer exponentially streamlines the process by allowing clients to simply update their personal circumstances as appropriate each year. And that’s it!

Following in-depth beta-testing (during which testers have raved about the ‘clean, simple, elegant and intuitive interface’), our proprietary Secure Online Tax Organizer is now available for full roll-out to all our clients.

Just another reason why Bright!Tax is the US expat tax preparation firm most loved by the estimated 9 million Americans living abroad.

Happy New Year from the team at Bright!Tax!

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