Accidental Americans

Accidental Americans: How to Catch Up on US Expat Taxes

accidental American expat taxes

At first glance, the term “Accidental Americans” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — after all, how do you become an American by happenstance? But the truth is, Accidental Americans are surprisingly common. One banking organization put the figure at around 110,000, which is believed to be a very conservative estimate. As American persons, […]

How Accidental Americans Can Avoid Double Taxation

Accidental American? Learn how to avoid double taxation and penalties

Every year, people around the world feel shocked to discover that the US considers them to be tax residents. Regardless of how long it’s been since they lived in the US — or sometimes, whether they’ve lived there at all — these “accidental Americans” still have US tax and reporting obligations. And if they’re a […]

Reprieve for Accidental Americans Facing Bank Account Closure

Reprieve for Accidental Americans Facing Bank Account Closure

While Americans living abroad have been required to file US taxes reporting their global income, since the Civil War, it is only the last few years that the US government has been able to enforce the requirement. Americans with foreign registered financial (i.e. bank or investment) accounts are also required to report them annually by […]

Should Accidental Americans File US Taxes?

accidental american filing taxes

The American tax system is unusual compared to almost every other country in that the US taxes based on citizenship rather than on residence. So while most countries only those people who live in that country, and/or those who have income arising in the country, the US taxes all US citizens (and green card holders) […]