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How to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent – Jure Sanguinis

Venice, Italy.

Whether you’ve been in Italy for years, plan to relocate there soon, or are just beginning to consider a move, learning how to get Italian citizenship will make it much easier for you to stay in the country on a long-term basis. The most common ways for Americans to gain Italian citizenship are through naturalization […]

Does Germany Allow Dual Citizenship? Change is in the Air

Sunset over the port in Dresden, a German city home to many American expats.

In an increasingly interconnected world, many Americans are moving abroad, leading more and more to wonder things like “Does Germany allow dual citizenship?” For a long time, the answer was predominantly “no.” However, recent changes in German immigration legislation are signaling a change on the horizon. Below, we’ll go over everything expats from the United […]

Dual Citizenship Taxes: A Guide for US Expats

dual citizens taxes US expats

Dual citizenship can create a gateway to extra freedoms – increasing travel possibilities and opening up new economic opportunities.  And yet, one added responsibility associated with holding two passports is potentially dealing with two separate tax systems (in the smartest way possible!). Today’s article aims at dispelling the myths surrounding US taxes for dual citizens […]

A Guide to Dual Status Tax Returns for Expats

A Guide to Dual Status Tax Returns for Expats

The US is one of only two countries that uses a citizenship-based tax system rather than a territorial one. This means that the IRS taxes all US citizens, including dual citizens and Americans who live in other countries. So even if you already paid taxes in the country where you live abroad, if you are a […]