IRS Tax Forms For US Expats

US Expat Tax Forms

Because the US taxes based on citizenship, all Americans, including expats, are required to file a federal tax return each year, reporting their worldwide income. Expats often also have to file additional IRS forms, to avoid double taxation.

IRS Tax Forms for Expats

Expats may also have to file IRS tax forms relating to any foreign bank and investment accounts they may have, as well as reporting their foreign financial assets and foreign registered businesses.

Small Business Owners and Form 1099-K: Everything You Need to Know!

small businesses form 1099-k

Are you a small business owner living overseas? Do you earn income or pay contractors through third-party payment processors, such as Stripe or PayPal?  On top of your standard paperwork, such as Form W-9, and confidentiality agreements, there’s another document many small business owners might also have to consider when thinking about taxes: Form 1099-K.  […]

FinCEN Form 114: How to File the FBAR

FinCEN Form 114 FBAR

Moving overseas is a major life goal for many Americans. According to a Gallup poll, over 16% of Americans would like to move out of the US in the future. Further, that number is increasing year over year as Americans embrace location-independent work post-COVID.  Whether it’s to retire early or escape the current political climate, […]

Form 1099-K: Everything US Expats Need to Know

Last updated on January 26, 2023 If you work as a freelancer, independent contractor, gig worker, or are otherwise self-employed, the phrase “1099 form” is almost certainly familiar to you. That’s because any client from whom you’ve received at least $600 is obligated to send you a 1099-NEC, a tax form that is used to […]

Tax Form 8858 and Foreign Disregarded Entities for US Expats

Tax Form 8858 and Foreign Disregarded Entities for Expats

Filing your US taxes as an expat can get complicated – even more so if you start a business while you’re abroad. As a US citizen who owns a foreign business, you have additional tax reporting requirements. US taxes are based on citizenship status, not residency. Therefore, Americans living abroad who own businesses (even sole […]

Filing Form 5471: Everything You Need to Know

filing form 5471

Many American entrepreneurs who move overseas continue doing business by registering a company in their new home country. What many expats overlook, however, is that owning a foreign corporation also comes with various tax obligations they may have never even heard of.  Since the US has a citizenship-based taxation system, American expats must declare their […]

Filing Form 2555: A Guide for US Expats

Form 2555

Uncle Sam and American expats aren’t exactly the best of friends. Regardless of where they live, American citizens have to declare their worldwide income to the IRS, and many aren’t even aware of this.   Yep, you heard that right. That’s because the United States is one of only two countries that applies citizenship-based taxation.  And […]