US Expat Tax Forms

Because the US taxes based on citizenship, all Americans, including expats, are required to file a federal tax return each year, reporting their worldwide income. Expats often also have to file additional IRS forms, to avoid double taxation.

IRS Tax Forms for Expats

Expats may also have to file IRS tax forms relating to any foreign bank and investment accounts they may have, as well as reporting their foreign financial assets and foreign registered businesses.

Form 5471 – Everything US Expats Need to Know

expat filing form 5471

What is it? Form 5471 is used for reporting foreign business activities that are owned or part owned by US taxpayers to the IRS. Who exactly has to file IRS form 5471? – US taxpayers who are a director or officer of a foreign corporation. – US taxpayers who own at least 10% of a […]

IRS Form 8833 – What Expats Need to Know

expat filing form 8833

Living abroad is for some people a temporary endeavor while for others it is a lifetime adventure, however in all cases – while we’re still US citizens or green card holders – we are liable to pay US federal taxes, and in some cases, state taxes too. To help prevent double taxation, paying tax on […]