US Expat Tax Forms

Because the US taxes based on citizenship, all Americans, including expats, are required to file a federal tax return each year, reporting their worldwide income. Expats often also have to file additional IRS forms, to avoid double taxation.

IRS Tax Forms for Expats

Expats may also have to file IRS tax forms relating to any foreign bank and investment accounts they may have, as well as reporting their foreign financial assets and foreign registered businesses.

Taxes for US Expats – Filing Form 1040 From Abroad

expat filing form 1040 abroad

If you’re an American citizen or green card holder, you’re required to file US taxes wherever in the world you live, reporting your worldwide income. The US is almost the only country in the world that requires all of its citizens to file even if they live abroad. This means that US expats often have […]

Filing Form 5471 – Foreign Corporations Reporting for US Expats

expat filing form 5471

Expats are often adventurous and independent-minded – the same character traits that make great entrepreneurs. So it’s no surprise really that many expats choose to start their own business abroad. The first choices that expats face when starting a foreign company is what legal structure their new foreign entity should have, and where to register […]

IRS Form 8854 for US Expats Renouncing American Citizenship

expat filing form 8854

Americans living abroad are still required to file a US tax return, reporting their worldwide income, as well as obey the tax rules in the country where they live. Many US expat have settled abroad permanently though, and they justifiably wonder why they must continue filing a US tax return every year, even if they […]

Form 3520 – Reporting Foreign Offshore Trusts for US Expats

expat filing form 3520

Americans living abroad are still subject to US tax filing requirements on their worldwide income. There are also further US filing requirements just for expats, including having to report foreign bank and investment accounts if the expat’s combined balances exceed $10,000 at any time during the year, and reporting foreign financial assets on form 8938. […]

IRS Form 5472 – What US Expats Need to Know

expat filing form 5472

IRS form 5472 is a US filing requirement that affects some Americans living abroad who own or part-own corporations. Form 5472 must be filed by US-registered corporations that are 25% or more owned by a foreigner, and foreign corporations that trade in the US, that make any ‘reportable transactions’ during the filing period. A ‘reportable […]

Taxes for Expats – IRS Tax Forms for US Expats Explained

irs tax forms for expats

Americans living abroad are still required to file US taxes and declare their worldwide income. They may also have to pay US taxes, regardless whether they are also paying foreign taxes, though most expats claim one or more of the IRS exclusions available to expats that reduce or eliminate their US tax liability. Claiming these […]

US Expat Taxes and FATCA – How to File Form 8938

fatca form 8938

Under the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, also known as FATCA, Americans (including expats) with a certain value of foreign assets have to report them to the IRS each year by filing form 8938 along with their US income tax return. Who has to file? All Americans who are liable to file a US […]