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A Guide to Dual Status Tax Returns for Expats

A Guide to Dual Status Tax Returns for Expats

The US is one of only two countries that uses a citizenship-based tax system rather than a territorial one. This means that the IRS taxes all US citizens, including dual citizens and Americans who live in other countries. So even if you already paid taxes in the country where you live abroad, if you are a […]

The Best Places to Retire in the World in 2022

The Best Places to Retire in the World in 2022

A recent study suggests at least 12 percent of Americans have considered living abroad in older age and retirement, but often a myriad of distractions in our ever demanding world get in the way. With more than half a million retired American expats collecting social security benefits outside the US, it’s clear many push past […]

The FEIE Bona Fide Residence Test For Expats

expats bona fide residence test

The Bona Fide Residence Test allows Americans living abroad to claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, as well as the Foreign Housing Exclusion or Deduction. Americans living abroad are still liable to file and pay US taxes, and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion provides a way for Americans to exclude income earned while living abroad […]

The FEIE Physical Presence Test For US Expats

expats physical presence test

Americans living abroad have to file a US federal tax return and declare their worldwide income, and they may also be liable to pay US income tax. One of the primary provisions that expats can use to exclude their income earned abroad from US tax liability is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. This lets Americans […]

What American Expats Need to Know About Totalization Agreements

expat with totalization agreement

Americans who move abroad are required to keep filing US taxes, reporting their worldwide income. They may also have to continue paying US social security contributions, including self-employed expats who earn as little as $400 a year. Expats who meet tax residency criteria in a foreign country may also have to pay foreign taxes and […]

State Taxes for US Expats – What You Need to Know

expat filing state taxes

Moving abroad to a foreign country is the adventure of a lifetime, but in the midst of all the excitement and change it’s important not to forget about US taxes. All US citizens and green card holders have to file a federal income tax return declaring their worldwide income wherever in the world they live. […]

IRS Taxes For US Citizens Living Abroad – A Guide

IRS Taxes For US Citizens Living Abroad

US citizens are required to file US taxes if they’re living abroad, despite often having to file foreign income taxes as well. International tax treaties don’t prevent US citizens resident overseas from having to file US taxes, however they do stipulate how to avoid double taxation, most often by claiming tax credits when you file. […]

The IRS Standard Deduction in 2022 for Expats

The IRS Standard Deduction in 2021 for Expats

The IRS Standard Deduction allows Americans to deduct a fixed amount of their income from US tax when they file their federal return. The Standard Deduction lets Americans avoid the hassle of itemizing their actual deductions when they file. The amount of the Standard Deduction was very low before the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

Tax Calendar for US Expats Filing in 2022

2022 Expat Tax Calendar

We’ve created a tax calendar for Americans filing from overseas this year. Americans living abroad are required to file US taxes, as US law states that all American citizens and Green Card holders have to report their worldwide income every year on Form 1040. Most other countries only tax residents. When you file your US […]

The 2022 IRS Tax Filing Season Starts on Monday January 24

Tax Filing starts January 24 2022 expats

Americans living abroad – 2022 IRS tax filing opens this year on Monday January 24. Overseas Americans have to file US taxes on their worldwide income just like Americans living in the States. This is because, unlike most countries, the U.S. taxes based on citizenship, regardless of where you live in the world. Filing as […]