Bright!Tax Featured in Forbes, U.S.News, Yahoo Finance, and – Shortlisted for Two Global Awards!

bright!tax in yahoo

It’s been a great week for Bright!Tax: We’ve been featured in U.S.News, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes, while we’ve also been named finalists for not one but two prestigious, Global EMMA awards.

Forbes tax writer Kelly Phillips Erb has included Bright!Tax founder and CEO Greg Dewald as one of her 100 must-follow tax twitter accounts of 2017, in the ‘Tax Writers, Bloggers and Gurus’ category.

We are the only expat tax services firm to be included, illustrating the leading-edge quality of our content.

In U.S.News and Yahoo Finance meanwhile, Geoff William offers advice for filing taxes from overseas, and includes several quotes from Bright!Tax regarding expat tax filing dates, FBAR, FATCA, and how to catch up if you’re behind with your US tax filing from abroad.

We also learned this week that Bright!Tax has been named as finalists for not one but two prestigious, global EMMA Awards.

We have been shortlisted for ‘Tax Provider of the Year’, and also for ‘Expatriate Banking and Financial Services Innovation’, in recognition of the many innovations we have introduced to make tax filing from abroad a smoother, simpler process for our clients.

Our recent industry-first innovations include our Bright!Tax Online Tax Organizer, which relieves our clients of the need to fill out a long client questionnaire form when they start their tax return each year, and the Bright!Tax App, which allows our clients to interact with us and file their taxes from their phone or tablet.

In this second category, Bright!Tax is up against HSBC among other behemoths, however we are confident that our transformative organizational and technological innovations speak for themselves.

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted, hugely grateful to the FEM awards committee for nominating us, and looking forward to attending the awards ceremony in Denver in early May.

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