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FinCEN Form 114: How to File the FBAR

FinCEN Form 114 FBAR

Moving overseas is a major life goal for many Americans. According to a Gallup poll, over 16% of Americans would like to move out of the US in the future. Further, that number is increasing year over year as Americans embrace location-independent work post-COVID.  Whether it’s to retire early or escape the current political climate, […]

How Totalization Agreements Affect US Expat Taxes

Totalization agreements US expat taxes

Are you an American citizen, resident, or green card holder about to move overseas? You’ll need to consider Social Security requirements and whether your new home country has a Totalization Agreement— especially if you’re a self-employed expat who intends to continue to work as self-employed while living and working abroad. In this article, we will […]

Foreign Real Estate Sales and Capital Gains Tax

foreign real estate sales

Let us pose a couple of hypotheticals for you. Perhaps you have family members living outside the US, and you’ve just inherited some property abroad. Maybe you travel internationally as a US expat and decide to buy real estate as an investment. Maybe you were looking for a home away from home. Whatever the reason, […]

A Simple Guide: IRA Contributions as an American Expat

IRA contributions American expat

Americans struggle with a lack of knowledge about their retirement plans. According to a survey by GOBankingRates, over 37% of Americans feel like they don’t know enough about retirement and need more education on how they can successfully retire.  When a US expat decides to move overseas, understanding how to contribute to their IRA retirement […]

US Tax Implications: Getting a Job Offer Abroad

US tax job abroad

Earning a promotion is exciting – and accepting a new position overseas can be even more thrilling. Living in a new country grants you the opportunity to explore new places, soak in new cultures, and maybe even learn another language. But before you accept that job offer abroad, it’s important to weigh all of your […]

Reporting Foreign Rental Income on Property Abroad

Reporting Foreign Rental Income

US expats who live abroad make money in many different ways. Your employer in the US might offer you a position in another country or you may decide to travel and start your own business. Whether you’re freelancing or working for a traditional employer, you might also consider investing in property abroad. This could help […]