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Bright!Tax is a leading provider of US expat tax services to Americans living in over 190 countries worldwide. You can find out latest news and information announcements are below.

Award Winning Expat Tax Services

Bright!Tax has been recognized numerous times as Best Expat Tax Provider and as a Innovation Leader in the field of cloud-based financial services.

Why you should choose Bright!Tax to prepare your US expat tax return

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Approximately three quarters of the estimated seven to nine million Americans living abroad aren’t currently filing a federal tax return. Seeing as all American citizens and green card holders who earn over $10,000 (or just $400 of they’re self-employed) are required by law to file a federal return declaring their worldwide income, no matter where […]

Katelynn Minott, CPA has been Promoted to Bright!Tax Partner

Katelynn Minott

Bright!Tax is delighted to announce that Katelynn Minott, CPA, has been promoted to Partner.   With clients in over 150 countries worldwide, Bright!Tax is a leading provider of US expat tax preparation services to the nine million Americans living overseas. Before joining Bright!Tax in 2012 as a Senior CPA, Ms Minott graduated from the University […]

What US Expat Tax Services Does Bright!Tax Provide?

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All US citizens and green card holders have to file a US federal income tax return every year if their income is above the minimum threshold of around $10,000, irrespective of whether they live in the States or abroad. The threshold applies to worldwide income, and it doesn’t matter if you live in another country […]

Bright!Tax Chosen To Receive Venture Capital From UpTech

Bright!tTax awarded venture capital

Greg Dewald, Bright!Tax CEO Following in the trailblazing footsteps of some of America’s most innovating and exciting new businesses, entrepreneur Greg Dewald and his team of financial whizzes will see their cloud based start-up Bright!Tax reach thrilling new heights this year after being chosen to receive seed capital from one of United States’ most progressive […]

Bright!Tax Now In Over 100 Countries Worldwide

Bright!Tax Founder Greg Dewald

The growing complexity of financial disclosures of American citizens living abroad could be a boon for a Covington native’s business.   Entrepreneur Greg Dewald launched Bright!Tax, a cloud-based, U.S. income tax preparation firm, in 2010. But now, the company’s founder and chief executive is looking to expand the operation and open new office space in […]

Bright!Tax Supports American Expatriate Heroes Overseas

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Cincinnati Startup assisting 7 million US expats worldwide lifts anchor in NYC, scouts international sites for new HQ. New York, NY — Though it had been in the works for some time, just this summer, the US Treasury Department unleashed a regulatory tsunami upon US citizens living and working abroad, the Foreign Asset Tax Compliance […]