Bright!Tax launches the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative to help young Americans studying abroad

Bright!Tax Scholarships for Americans

​​We are delighted to announce the launch of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative. The initiative will offer supplemental fees support to the next generation of young Americans who are currently studying or who would like to study abroad.

The Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative will provide scholarships of a minimum of $1000. Awards will be made on an ongoing basis, and paid directly to accredited institutions.

Awards are available to all US citizens who are currently studying abroad or who want to study abroad for at least one full semester at a recognized, accredited academic institution. Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the Bright!Tax Awards Committee. Applicants’ academic and extracurricular achievement, community involvement, ambitions, and financial need will be taken into consideration.

Gregory Dewald, Bright!Tax founder and CEO, went to Europe with a scholar exchange program during his tenure in college –

“When I was at university I won a place on a scholar exchange program that took me to the UK. It was a life changing experience. The opportunity to live with and to get to know people from another country significantly influenced the way I looked at the world, seeing it from an entirely new perspective. The experience remains fundamentally important in my life to this day.”

“We are now proud and excited to be able to support the new generation of young Americans who would like to explore the world and experience life in another country through study abroad programs. By providing supplemental course funding, the Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative aims to allow young Americans who want to to broaden their experience and understanding to make a difference in the world .”

“At Bright!Tax we believe that Americans who live and study abroad are today’s new pioneers. They live, breathe, and thrive each day in the unfamiliar and the unknown. It is these Americans who represent the best that the US projects onto the world stage. And it is a privilege for us to support them.”

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