Adeel Mufti Wins Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award

adeel mufti

The Bright!Tax Awards Committee announced last week that Adeel Mufti is the latest recipient of the Bright!Tax Global Scholar award.   The Bright!Tax Global Scholar Award offers supplementary tuition fees support to exceptional young Americans who wish to study overseas. Adeel fought off over 300 other applicants in this Award round. The Bright!Tax Awards Committee were impressed by Adeel’s comprehension and recognition of the advantages and opportunities of being American:

“Being the first generation child of immigrants to the US, I am part of the American dream. America is a country built on immigrants, and I believe that diverse ideas and perspectives brought in by the world’s best is what makes it great. The value of my US citizenship is that I get access to the best of everything: education, food, products, housing, medicine, and so much more. I am also able to travel to most of the world due to the good relations America has built with other nations. The meaning of my US citizenship is derived from the essence of being American – open minded, intellectual, hard working, and innovative.”

Adeel has living abroad for the last two years, working remotely as a computer programmer while accompanying his wife who is a Peace Corps volunteer, first in Mali, and currently in South Africa.

“As an American, I feel privileged. And with privilege comes responsibility. Americans should be responsible citizens of the world when living abroad, and exude their best. It is also important for Americans to help those in need, especially in developing nations.”

While in Mali, Adeel set up a not-for-profit community website and online forum, to give something back.

Adeel is now looking to the future though:

“The Global Scholar Initiative was inspired by an experience that I had studying abroad many years ago.”
– Greg Dewald, Bright!Tax CEO

“Receiving the Bright!Tax Global Scholar award means that I can pursue a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh in the UK. This degree will open up exciting new opportunities for me, in a budding field that has a lot of potential and a bright future. So I am forever grateful for the funding towards my studies provided by Bright!Tax. As an American expat living abroad, I believe that Bright!Tax understands the unique challenges we face away from home. It is heartwarming that they also provide scholarships as well.”

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, extracurricular activities, financial need, and at the discretion of the Bright!Tax Awards Committee.

Gregory Dewald, Bright!Tax founder and CEO, said:

“The Global Scholar Initiative was inspired by an experience that I had studying abroad many years ago, which broadened my horizons and inspired me to live abroad again later, and ultimately found Bright!Tax to help other expats with their US taxes.”

Dewald continued: “Adeel is an exceptional young man who is making the most of the opportunities that being American gives us, while remaining aware of how important is is to give something back to the local communities where we live. I’m sure that his Masters degree in AI will prove a significant step on his path to future success, and we are proud to play a role in his journey.”

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