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At Bright!Tax we are keenly focused on the experience our clients have while working with us. From your first contact with Bright!Tax all the way to the successful completion of a project on your behalf, we interact with you in a manner that is clear, concise and exacting to your needs. And all backed by world-class American CPAs who are expert at filing US taxes for Americans who are living abroad.

Online International Tax Accountant Service for US Expats

Ron C | Canada | 2021

Using this service takes away the worry of complying with US tax laws while living abroad.

Lois C | Canada | 2021

It was a pleasant helpful experience. My questions were answered and it was completed in a timely manner. Thanks!

Alfredo F | Canada | 2021

Bright!Tax has an excellent communication system, which kept me informed and answered my questions and concerns. Friendly and professionally outstanding.

Gayle W | Canada | 2021

Bright!Tax staff have been very knowledgable, efficient and extremely quick to respond to any questions and to confirm receipt of documentation.

The best service I've ever received after working with many tax professionals over the decades.

Kaia R | Canada | 2020

Saeed A | Canada| 2020

My tax advisor filed my taxes on time and gave me really good advice about filling.

Benjamis R | Canada | 2020

Excellent work.

John L | Canada | 2020

From the very beginning (about 5 years ago, I believe) my experience with Bright!Tax has been superb. I honestly don't know how they could improve their customer service. It is as close to being perfect as humanly possible.

Stéphane H | Canada | 2020

Great service, quick to respond, precise answers.

Bright!Tax was recommended by a friend, and was the most professional experience I've ever had.

James K | Canada | 2020

Jeanie F | Canada | 2020

Third time working with Bright Tax and Katelynn. Always a great job. We are totally anxiety free dealing with our US taxes now. Thanks again.

Sam B | Canada | 2019

The process was straightforward, I was given solid advice and I was genuinely surprised with the amount of money they were able to save me.

Youssef A | Canada | 2019

pleasant & professional

Emily C | Canada | 2018

I couldn't be more happy or thankful. I will return next year without a doubt.

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