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Nicolas Castillo, Managing CPA

Introducing Nicolas (Nick) Castillo, a Certified Public Accountant with a Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Miami. Registered in Florida, Nick boasts five years of International Tax experience, making him a cornerstone of Bright!Tax’s network of expertise.

Nick’s personal journey weaves a vibrant tapestry, reflecting his family’s odyssey from Spain to Cuba before finding sanctuary in Miami. Their stories resonate through generations, and this deep-rooted connection to his heritage shapes Nick’s outlook – infusing his work with a unique (and quite personal) perspective.

Nick’s connection to Spain took root during his initial visit at the age of 11. This deepened over time and found a remarkable expression when he and Sam, his high school sweetheart, chose his ancestral hometown in Northern Spain as the backdrop for their wedding.

Recently becoming an expat himself in Spain, Nick’s journey has come full circle. This firsthand experience has deepened his understanding of the intricate landscape of US tax regulations overseas. Aspiring to democratize Fortune 500-level tax strategies, Nick translates intricate IRS Code and Regulations into understandable advice for US expats. As an advocate for tax literacy, he contributes to webinars and the Bright!Tax blog, offering insights on expat life and small business ownership.

At Bright!Tax, Nick leads a bilingual team, ensuring precise tax return filing for a wide array of clients. His specialization lies in assisting US expats and green card holders to optimize their global tax obligations, with a keen focus on small business owners.

Beyond taxes, Nick is an avid history enthusiast, exploring through reading and site visits. He hones his artistry through oil painting and indulges his curiosity for the past during European travels.

Nick truly embodies the Bright!Tax refrain: Your story is our story. By collaborating with a specialist in US expat taxes, you can truly embrace and enjoy your adventures fully. Connect with Nick to learn more or inquire about Bright!Tax’s offerings, whether you’re planning an international move or embracing expat life.

With Nick’s guidance, tackling US expat taxes became manageable, and I felt more connected to my financial responsibilities. Nick and the Bright!Tax team are more than tax experts – they’re advocates for our expat journeys.”

– Sarah 🇮🇹   (client since 2019)