Additional Bright!Tax Client Services

Most Popular! IRS Mail Forwarding Service - $99

As Bright!Tax clients live in disparate locations globally (in over 190 countries), IRS mailed notices and correspondence often arrive days (if not weeks) after their requested reply date. With our Bright!tax IRS Mail Forwarding Service , we receive all your IRS correspondence ‘within days’ at our processing center in the US and we forward email scans of your documents to you immediately when they arrive. We encourage all Bright!Tax clients to take us up on this opportunity to know, in a very timely manner, if and when they may receive a correspondence from the IRS, so they/we are able to respond both quickly and efficiently.

IRS Notice Response Letter - $180

Should the IRS contact you in follow up to your tax return (though most often only asking for supportive documents, etc.) or regarding any other issue, we will support you fully in drafting a reply letter that is clear and concise and with full-direction toward the resolution of any matter that may arise.

IRS Transcript Requests - $49/transcript

Many US services (e.g. green card applications, loan repayment evaluations, etc.) require an IRS transcript to show an official account of your tax account to a third party. We can request these transcripts on your behalf.

Expedited Return Fee - $129

If you need your tax return in a faster time frame than our standard turnaround time (standard turnaround times may vary based on seasonality), or you have submitted your documentation later than our document cutoff date and need to meet an IRS deadline, an expedited return fee can ensure you get your tax return filed on time.

Annual Tax Projections - $189

A look at what next year’s tax liability and yield might look like, perhaps because of changing circumstances, or just for planning purposes. Includes Estimated Quarterly Tax Payment Vouchers if required.

Quarterly Tax Payment Vouchers - $49

If you owe more than $1,000 USD to the IRS each year, you are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments. Your CPA can generate vouchers to accompany your quarterly payments to the IRS, associating them appropriately with your tax account.

Foreign Tax Return Translation - $99

If you require a foreign tax return or other documents translated to English for your US return, we can arrange this for you working with one of our trusted translator partners.

IRS Calls and Audit Support - $360 per hour

The IRS audits expats more often than it does other taxpayers. If the IRS randomly selects you for Audit or Examination, we can support you in replying to the IRS to provide required documentation and information.

To take us up on our offer to provide you with Additional Bright!Tax Services, please simply respond to us at and tell us which Additional Bright!Tax Services you require. Simple as that. We’ll take everything from there!

Additional Bright!tax Partner Services

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Expat Specialist Offshore Corporate Tax Attorney

Stewart Patton is one of the outstanding tax attorneys specializing in US expats. If you need a legal opinion, or perhaps a new corporate structure to maximize tax efficiency, we work in partnership with Stewart Patton to ensure that it’s done in the most tax-efficient manner. US Tax Services

Expat Banking Services

Many expats have experienced difficulties accessing banking services from abroad. Thanks to our partnership with Wise, our expat clients can access banking services wherever in the world they live. US Expat Banking Services

agn logo

Wish to also file taxes in The UK, Canada or Australia? Or Perhaps any other country in the world?

AGN International, is a well respected global association of Accounting Firms , by order of membership, all represented Firms are ‘deeply vetted’ and approved by AGN. This gives you the confidence you most need as you endeavor forward with tax matters in your host country. AGN International

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Sirelo – an online resource that connects expats with international moving firms

Sirelo is a platform for anyone thinking about moving overseas and for those who are already in the process of doing so. Sirelo lets international movers request quotes from removals firms and compare them based on cost, services offered, and previous customer reviews. Sirelo