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At Bright!Tax we are keenly focused on the experience our clients have while working with us. From your first contact with Bright!Tax all the way to the successful completion of a project on your behalf, we interact with you in a manner that is clear, concise and exacting to your needs. And all backed by world-class American CPAs who are expert at filing US taxes for Americans who are living abroad.

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Dee M| UK | 2019

Good communication, kept to schedule, and taxes were less than expected.

Kevin E | UK | 2019

Excellent experience. Always approachable and helpful, answering all my questions. The questionnaire layout made it really simple for me to gather all the correct information to start the submission process. Not sure there's much you could have done better for me. Thank you.

Matthew D | UK | 2018

Thanks so much for taking all the stress and worry out of getting my US taxes in order.

Margaret K | UK | 2018

Very efficient and proactive service. Great knowledge!

Exceptionally helpful. Accessible. Happy to answer questions. Consistent followup. Thank you immensely.

Lisa M| UK | 2018

Sue J | UK | 2018

I am significantly impressed with the professionalism and kindness of Allyson and Dafne. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

Sonia T | UK | 2018

Ryan and his team were beyond professional, prompt response and answered all the questions I had. I will use them again.

Corrie D | UK | 2018

Amazing - Allyson and Dafne were fantastically helpful in preparing my tax returns and Foreign Bank Account Reports for the Streamlined Procedure.

Jeffrey L | UK | 2018

Always pleasant and efficient

We loved them! Everyone was very responsive and helpful with all the questions we had here and there along the way.

Stephanie A | UK | 2018

Giles P | UK | 2018


Danielle C | UK | 2018

Katelynn and Dafne always do a great job, and they make the whole tax project less stressful.

Christopher W | UK | 2017

It was very good experience. They were exemplary in their efforts to complete a tax return which was difficult because of my personal situation.

Patrick F | UK | 2017

Very professional, very organized, very good. I'm glad I've found Bright!Tax. I will be back next year - Thank you.

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