The Top five (and a half) US tax blogs

The Top five (and a half) US tax blogs
Tax is a topic that American expats would be naive to ignore. The IRS, considering expats something of a rich seam to be tapped, is ever more enthusiastic and efficient at tracking their foreign financial affairs so as to check them against their tax returns, and with penalties for not filing harsh, it makes sense to keep up with tax matters wherever in the world you live.
How else would you know that the FBAR filing date is changing, or that American Citizens Abroad is lobbying congress to change the US tax system from citizenship-based to residence-based (a proposal that would reduce the filing burden for expats), or that the Republican Study Committee proposed abolishing the IRS entirely in favor of a new, smaller, more accountable tax collection department at the Treasury.

So here are our top five (and a half) US tax writers/bloggers, in no particular order.

1 – Kelly Phillips Erb, aka Taxgirl, (Forbes)
Baker, mom, tax lawyer – Kelly somehow also finds the time to write more or less an article a day for Forbes on all aspects of taxation. She particularly focuses on the tax implications of topical issues and current affairs. A combination of interesting topics and an accessible and entertaining style make Taxgirl a joy to read.

2 – Richard Rubin (The Wall Street Journal)
Richard covers aspects of tax policy, and in particular where tax intersects of with politics. He takes pleasure in calling out politicians (and other public figures) when they don’t get their tax facts right. With articulate, penetrating analyses, Richard will never be accused of being overly deferential or obsequious. His recent interview with Donald Trump is a nice example.

3 – Tax Analysts
Tax Analysts is a non-profit organization founded in 1970 to foster informed debate and to provide independent comment and analysis of tax matters. It is widely followed by the tax community, and can be a little technical at times, but it’s never dry and always has the latest news.

“Paying tax is painful but reading about it shouldn’t be.”
– Kelly Phillips Erb, aka Taxgirl

4 – Kay Bell (Don’t Mess With Taxes)
Texan Kay’s award-winning tax blog is a refreshing and at time humorous take on all aspects of taxes. She offers lots of tips on practical matters, including tax planning, form-filling, and state taxes. There’s currently little to no international focus though, but hey, why not join us and suggest to Kay that she covers this too?

5 – Laura Saunders (The Wall Street Journal)
Laura focuses on tax issues that affect us all in contrast to the political view that her fellow WSJ tax writer Richard Rubin covers. Together they make a formidable team. Laura offers incisive, clear, and topical coverage . As you would expect from the WSJ.

5 (and a half) – the Bright!Tax Blog
For all matters expat tax, including information (e.g. Form 8938 and FinCEN Form 114 – What you need to know), insights (e.g. how does the IRS decide who to audit?), and breaking news (e.g. new banking services launched for American Expats suffering because of FATCA), we are your one stop shop.

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