Bright!Tax Client Organizer Tips

You’ve now received login details for the Secure Client Organizer.
Below are some helpful hints to get started.

Difficulty logging in?

You might try a different browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave.

Change your password

Once you have logged in, you may want to change your password. To do so, click on Account Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

Foreign language documents

We can translate uploaded PDFs, Word documents, and high quality images. If documentation is not available, please input your income and taxes paid into the Income Tab of the Client Organizer.

Receipts and bank statements

Unless we specifically ask for them, we do not need you to upload these. Please keep all receipts and bank statements for your records.

File formats

Please only provide PDF, JPG, PNG, Excel and Word formats, which are compatible with our software.

Hard copy documents

You may scan and combine paper documents into one PDF with your smartphone. We recommend a free app called Genius Scan.

Uploading documents

For security reasons, we are only able to accept documents that have been uploaded via the Secure Client Organizer or the Secure File Upload.

Don’t worry, you can still upload more documents if you need to. We will email you to confirm that we have everything we need as soon as we’ve reviewed your information.

Don't forget to finalize and submit

When you complete the “Finalize” tab and click Submit, we will receive a notification that you have completed the Secure Client Organizer.

If you require any further information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your Bright!Tax CPA.