Tax Calendar for US Expats Filing in 2022

2022 Expat Tax Calendar

We’ve created a tax calendar for Americans filing from overseas this year.

Americans living abroad are required to file US taxes, as US law states that all American citizens and Green Card holders have to report their worldwide income every year on Form 1040. Most other countries only tax residents.

When you file your US taxes from overseas, you can claim IRS provisions such as the Foreign Tax Credit, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and the Foreign Housing Exclusion, to reduce your US tax bill. This means that most Americans living abroad don’t end up paying any US tax, as long as they file.

You may also have to report your foreign registered accounts, investments, and businesses. Always seek advice to ensure that you’re filing correctly and claiming the best tax reducing provisions for you.

Tax filing dates are different when you’re filing abroad. Our 2022 expat tax filing calendar contains all the dates you might need to know this year. For the majority of American expats though, the following three dates are the most important:

April 18, 2022

Americans filing from abroad don’t have to file in April like Americans living in the States, but if you do owe any US tax, for example if you’re a higher earner who lives in a country with lower income tax rates than the US, or if you’re self-employed perhaps, then you’ll need to make a payment by April 18 this year, as April 15, 2022 is a holiday in Washington DC.

June 15, 2022

June 15, 2022 is the tax filing deadline for Americans living abroad to file their 2021, unless you request an extension by filing Form 4868 to the IRS online.

October 17, 2022

If you request an extension, you will have until October 17 to file your US taxes this year, as October 15, 2022 falls on a Saturday.

2022 US Expat Tax Calendar


01/18/22 (Tue) 4th and final installment of individual quarterly estimated taxes

01/24/22 (Mon) IRS E-file Opening Date


03/15/22 (Tue) S-Corp and LLC Tax Returns Due

03/15/22 (Tue) Trust/Foreign Trusts Tax Returns Due


04/18/22 (Mon) File 6 month extension if residing within the US

04/18/22 (Mon) Interest will accrue from this date if taxes are due

04/18/22 (Mon) Individual tax return due if residing within the US

04/18/22 (Mon) C-Corp Tax Returns Due

04/18/22 (Mon) 1st installment of individual estimated taxes for the current year


06/15/22 (Wed) File extension to October 15th if residing outside the US

06/15/22 (Wed) Individual tax return due if residing outside the US

06/15/22 (Wed) Individual deadline to pay tax due & avoid failure to pay penalty; interest will still have accrued however from 4/18/22

06/15/22 (Wed) 2nd installment of estimated taxes due for the current year


09/15/22 (Thu) Extended filing deadline for S-Corp and Partnership Returns

09/15/22 (Thu) Extended filing deadline for trusts 

09/15/22 (Thu) 3rd installment of estimated taxes due for current year


10/17/22 (Mon) Extended filing deadline for individual and C-Corp US tax returns

10/17/22 (Mon) Final due date for FBAR (automatic extension)

10/17/22 (Mon) All 12/15/22 secondary extension requests for taxpayers outside the US must be postmarked no later than end of day


Mid-November IRS e-file shutdown (Exact date to be announced by IRS in November)


12/15/22 (Thu) Final date to timely file extended tax return for taxpayers outside the US assuming paper mailed extension request was postmarked by 10/17/22

If you have any questions about filing your US taxes from abroad, seek advice from a US expat tax specialist. If you’re behind with your US tax filing from abroad, you may qualify for the IRS Streamlined Procedure amnesty program that lets you catch up without facing penalties.

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