2021 Expats Virtual Financial Summit – an Extraordinary Success

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The 2021 Expats Virtual Financial Summit, which took place last week, has been declared an extraordinary success, according to a survey of the over 700 American expats who attended the four day online event.

The summit consisted of nine talks that took place between January 26 to 29, each on a different topic relating to finances for US expats, and each delivered by a leading global expert in their field.

The talks were:

1 – International Destinations and Opportunities Post-Covid, by Jeff Opdyke

Formerly a staff writer at the WSJ, Jeff is Editor of The Savee Retiree.which  primarily focuses on freelance and digital nomad opportunities that allow Americans to live and work anywhere in the world. Jeff has visited 67 countries on 6 continents so far, and also written 8 books.

You can view Jeff’s talk here.

2 – U.S. Tax Requirements and Strategies in 2021 for Americans Overseas, by Katelynn Minott

Katelynn is a Partner and Managing CPA at Bright!Tax, and one of the world’s foremost experts on US expat tax matters. Katelynn has helped thousands of Americans file US taxes from abroad, and has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Accounting Today, and CNBC, among other media outlets, discussing US expat tax matters.

You can view Katelynn’s talk here.

3 – Financial Planning Considerations and Strategies for Americans Living Abroad, by David Kuenzi

As founder of Thun Financial Wealth Management and with over 20 years experience, David is a leading expert on cross-border wealth management for Americans abroad. He has been a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and frequently comments on investment and tax issues for the WSJ, CNBC, NPR, the Economist, and Bloomberg.

You can view David’s talk here.

4 – Insurance Considerations and Options for Expats, by David Tomkins

David is President of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., which owns and operates ExpatFinancial.com. The website is the premier portal for expats who require international health insurance, expat life and disability coverage, and travel or medical coverage.

You can view David’s talk here.

5 – When Does it Make Sense for U.S. Expats to Create a Corporation?, by Monte Silver

As founding partner of Silver & Co, Monte specializes in US tax, trust and estate planning matters for US expats, and for non-US Persons who have businesses or investments in the United States. With 25 years’ experience, Monte focuses on high-value solutions for high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as advocating for American expat small business owners.

You can view Monte’s talk here.

6 – The Benefits of Retiring Abroad, by Dan Prescher

As a Senior Editor at International Living Magazine, Dan has lived in and worked from seven different locations in four Latin American countries, and traveled to and reported from dozens more around the world.

You can view Dan’s talk here.

7 – Advocating for a Change from Citizenship to Residence Based Taxation in the U.S.: An Update, by Charles Bruce and Marylouise Serrato

American Citizens Abroad (ACA) is a leading American expat advocacy organization. AAC Executive Director Marylouise Serrato and Legal Council Charles Bruce provided an update on their advocacy for a rule change on taxing Americans living abroad.

You can view ACA’s talk here.

8 – Themes for Americans Abroad Investing in 2021, by Brian Dunhill, Dunhill Financial

Brian is a Belgian-born, American/British dual citizen, who has been based in Europe since 2013.As founder of Dunhill Financial, Brian facilitates personalized investment plans for Americans abroad, including younger expats with long term aspirations.

You can view Brian’s talk here.

9 – An Overview of Democrats Abroad’s Work Supporting Americans Abroad, by Rebecca Lammers

Originally from Ohio, Rebecca Lammers has lived in London for over 13 years. Rebecca is a UK voting representative to the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), more widely known as Democrats Abroad (DA). She founded the DAUK Tax Committee in 2017 which hosts tax advocacy and education events.

You can view Rebecca’s talk here.

The summit was moderated by Helen Burggraf, Editor of the American Expat Financial News Journal. Helen said: “It was an honor and a pleasure to moderate the first US Expats Virtual Financial Summit. The talks were all fascinating, and very well received, and we hope to do it again, soon!”

Katelynn Minott of Bright!Tax said: “It was great to see so many expats attend our presentation, and to have the opportunity to address some of their many questions! It’s always a challenge to respond to everyone in the time available, but anyone whose question I didn’t have time to answer can get in touch via the Bright!Tax website.”

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