How to Celebrate 4th of July Abroad in 2021

How to Celebrate 4th of July Abroad in 2021

While in much of the States life has returned to normal, in many other countries it hasn’t yet, meaning celebrating the 4th of July in 2021 for Americans expats may require imagination and improvisation for a second year running.

Being resourceful comes with the territory for expats though, and wherever you are there’s bound to be a way to celebrate. Here are some ideas.

Find a public celebration

While it very much depends where you are and what pandemic restrictions remain and how many other Americans live nearby, there may well be a party nearby you could join.

There are plenty of events planned around the UK for example, while Democrats Abroad, the overseas affiliation of the political party, has also organized events in several countries including the UAE and Denmark.

A quick online search is the best way to track down 2021 Independence Day events in your area.

Throw a party

If there isn’t a public event that you like the look of, you can always organize an event of your own. With 4th of July falling on a Sunday this year, you have all weekend to get hold of food, flags and friends, and perhaps some fireworks, too. If the weather’s nice where you are, a barbecue would be an ideal way to celebrate.

American film night

Being resourceful comes with the territory for expats, and wherever you are there’s bound to be a way to celebrate.

A lower key option is to hold an American film night. It could be for just your family or a couple of friends, or a bigger group (rent a projector and screen?), or even solo. A flag or two, some American snacks, and the right choice of film is all you need – although fireworks never hurt if you want to take it a step further.

Expat bars

In many places around the world, while there may not be public parties organized this year, expats do tend to gravitate towards certain bars or pubs. You’ll probably already be familiar with them, but otherwise have a look at websites such as MeetUp, which has American Expat groups in most countries.

Zoom party

If you are still very limited in terms of Covid restrictions, a virtual Independence Zoom party could be your best option. Round up some friends, and establish some ground rules for fun backgrounds, clothes, and games, and stock up on party food and drink.

Wherever you are in the world for Independence Day 2021, the team at Bright!Tax wishes you a very happy 4th of July!

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