Webinar – US Expat Tax Filing 2021 Updates and ACA Update from Washington

Webinar - US Expat Tax Filing 2021 Updates and ACA Update from Washington

Bright!Tax is proud to be participating in a free-to-attend webinar for Americans living overseas hosted by The American magazine and covering US expat tax filing updates in 2021.

American Citizens Abroad (ACA) legal council Charles Bruce will also be participating to provide an update on ACA’s work in Washington on behalf of expats.

The webinar is happening on Thursday May 6 at 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST.

To register, click on the link below.

Michael Burland, editor of The American magazine, will be hosting the webinar. The American magazine is the premier print and online publication for Americans living overseas.

Katelynn Minott CPA is a Bright!Tax partner and a leading expert on US taxes for expats. Katelynn will be providing an update for Americans filing from abroad in 2021.

Charles Bruce is legal counsel at American Citizens Abroad (ACA). ACA’s mission is to educate, advocate and inform the US government and Americans abroad on issues that affect the overseas American community. Charles will be providing an update of ACA’s ongoing work in Washington.

Register for the webinar now at this link.

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