American Digital Nomads and Taxes

All Americans are required to file US taxes, even if they live abroad. Tax treaties don’t mitigate this requirement, however there are a number of exemptions that American Digital Nomad can claim that, for most people, stop them having to pay any US taxes, although they still have to file.

US Tax Information for Digital Nomads

Tax planning is essential for American Digital Nomads to minimize their US (and foreign) tax liability. We recommend that Digital Nomads contact a US expat tax specialist to ensure that they’re not just compliant but best placed to achieve their financial goals, too.

The IRS, US Expat Taxes, and Bitcoin – What You Need to Know

expat taxes bitcoin

Bitcoin (along with other crypto and virtual currencies) has been in the news over the last few weeks, thanks to its soaring value. Many expats were early adopters and investers in Bitcoin, recognizing its international nature and its convenience for cross-boarder payment transaction. With the recent media attention though, many expats are now seeking a […]

How can US Expats and Digital Nomads Pay Low or No Taxes?

digital nomads filing us taxes

The global proliferation of wifi over the last few years has enabed the rise of the Digital Nomad, expats who roam the world between exotic locations working remotely. Digital Nomad communities have now sprung up across the globe. One of the advantages of the Digital Nomad lifestyle is that it reduces living costs, often providing […]

US Expat Tax Filing for American Freelancers Living Abroad

american freelancers filing taxes from abroad

Millions of Americans living abroad are working as freelancers. Some work mainly for one or more American firms, others freelance for foreign firms or provide services directly to small firms or individuals. Many are settled permanently in one foreign country, others are intending to return to the US after a few years, or they may […]

Social Security and US Expat Taxes – What You Need To Know

social security taxes for expats

All Americans are required to file and pay US taxes, declaring their worldwide income, wherever in the world they live. The US is the only major country that requires its citizens to file a tax return even if they are expatriates. Thankfully, there are several exemptions that US expats can claim that reduce or eliminate […]

US Expat Tax Hacks for American Digital Nomads

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Digital Nomads roam from place to place, often from country to country, and most importantly from wifi connection to wifi connection, working while exploring the world. The US taxes by citizenship rather than residence though, so all Americans who earn over around $10,000 (or just $400 if they’re self employed) are required to file a […]

US Expat Tax Tips for American Digital Nomads

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The internet has changed almost every aspect of life, from the way we access information, to the way we shop and interact socially. For many, it has also brought the opportunity to become location independent, or a Digital Nomad, wandering the globe working from anywhere with internet access. American Digital Nomads find themselves in a […]

Thinking About Becoming a Digital Nomad?

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If you’re considering becoming a Digital Nomad, wandering the world while making your living online, you could do a lot worse than read ‘Just Go!’ by Skip and Gabi Yetter. Skip and Gabi took the plunge in 2010, selling their house in the US and giving away most of their possessions before taking a one […]

What About US Expat Self Employment Taxes?

US Expat Self Employment Taxes

Self-employment tax is an amount of money that you need to pay the government if you are self-employed, like owning your own business or doing freelance work. You are required to pay this tax if your net profits from self-employment add up to at least $400. It applies to all self-employed US citizens or residents, […]