What is the Advance Child Tax Credit? 

advance child tax credit

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many families hard financially, with countless businesses closing and people losing their jobs during lockdowns.  On top of that, according to USDA data, raising a middle-class child from birth to 17 years old (after adjusting for inflation) costs around $286,000. That’s up from $233,610 back in 2015.  Given these challenging times, […]

The Child Tax Credit Guide for US Expat Parents

US parents kiss their child while spending time outside together.

Due to the increased availability of work-from-anywhere jobs, more and more Americans are choosing to live and work abroad. Given the many benefits of raising children abroad, such as a lower cost of living, great schools and public services, and foreign language and cultural immersion, it’s no surprise that many of these folks are parents. […]