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American Digital Nomads and Taxes

All Americans are required to file US taxes, even if they live abroad. Tax treaties don’t mitigate this requirement, however there are a number of exemptions that American Digital Nomad can claim that, for most people, stop them having to pay any US taxes, although they still have to file.

US Tax Information for Digital Nomads

Tax planning is essential for American Digital Nomads to minimize their US (and foreign) tax liability. We recommend that Digital Nomads contact a US expat tax specialist to ensure that they’re not just compliant but best placed to achieve their financial goals, too.

Digital Nomad Taxes: Frequently Asked Questions

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Since it was first coined in the early 90s, the phrase “digital nomad” has gone from obscure to commonplace, in large part due to the post-COVID-19 remote work boom.  It makes sense: who wouldn’t want to explore new countries and cultures on a regular basis? Working as a digital nomad can even be beneficial from […]

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need to Know


Ever since the post-pandemic explosion in remote work, more and more countries have been establishing digital nomad visas in hopes of bolstering their economies. But while many of those countries are still hammering out the details of their program, Portugal’s digital nomad visa is up and running. Combine that with Portugal’s great weather, affordable cost […]

Digital Nomad Taxes: Why 2023 Is the Year to Move Abroad

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Digital nomad: it’s a term that’s been nearly inescapable over the past couple of years. In a post-pandemic world, remote work is increasingly the norm. More Americans than ever are embracing this adventurous lifestyle as a way to satisfy their wanderlust without giving up the stability of steady employment. Luckily for those who are intrigued […]

Digital Nomad Visa in Spain: Everything You Need to Know and More

This article was updated on February 21, 2023. Additionally, the figures noted as the financial requirements should be confirmed directly with the appropriate Spanish government website at your time of application due to the fact that Spain is raising the minimum wage threshold, which will impact the associated financial requirements for digital nomads. If you’re […]

8 Things US Expats Need to Know About Digital Nomad Taxes

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Even just a decade ago, the term “digital nomad” would likely have been met with looks of confusion. Flash forward to today, though, and it’s become a household phrase. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to an explosion in remote work, more Americans than ever are taking advantage of this newfound flexibility to travel the world […]

Moving to Portugal: A Complete Guide for Digital Nomads

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In 2022, it’s never been easier to become a digital nomad or a worker who leverages technology to travel worldwide. This is, in part, thanks to the rise of remote work, which is offering more and more people the opportunity to work from home or travel while living overseas.  Portugal, in particular, has become a […]

Behind the Rise of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Ever since Tim Ferris released his book “The 4-Hour-Workweek” back in 2007, millions of people have dreamed about being able to work while traveling to exotic locations at the same time. And with the rise of remote work in a post-COVID-19 world, that dream is now more possible than ever.   If your current employer allows […]

New Zealand’s Young Person Digital Nomad Visa

New Zealand's Digital nomad visa

As the world opens back up and Covid restrictions start to ease, more and more Americans aspire to become digital nomads: remote workers that leverage technology to live and work from anywhere.  To adapt to this trend, countries worldwide are adopting “digital nomad visas” to allow remote workers to stay in their country for up […]