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Taxes for US Expat Entrepreneurs

Over 9 million Americans live abroad, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that a large number of them are entrepreneurs, as they are all adventurous by nature. American expats are still required to file US taxes though, wherever in the world they may live.

Tax Strategies for Expat Entrepreneurs

The US taxes all US citizens and green card holders around the world, including their businesses, so it’s important for US expat entrepreneurs to contact a US expat tax specialist and put in place the right structures and strategies to minimize their tax liability.

Do US Expat Entrepreneurs Pay Self-Employment Taxes?

expat entrepreneur paying self employment tax

Expats are the new pioneers, forging out into the unknown on a journey of discovery and unforeseen opportunity. The desire for and ability to not just survive but thrive in new environments makes expats well suited to being entrepreneurs, explaining why millions of American expats choose to start their own business.   Americans are more […]

Expats with a Foreign Business Granted Repatriation Tax Reprieve

expat with a foreign business repatriation

The Trump Tax Reform brought significant changes for many expats with a foreign registered businesses. Previously, a foreign registered corporation owned by Americans could leave its profits in the business to avoid paying US taxes on them. This led to giant corporations such as Apple having billions of untaxed profits sitting offshore though. To remedy […]

FBAR Reporting for US Expats with a Foreign Business

expat fbar foreign business

FBARs (Foreign Bank Account Reports) have been a filing requirement for Americans with financial accounts overseas that meet the criteria since the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970. It has only been enforced for the last few years however, since the 2010 Foreign Account tax Compliance Act (FATCA) obliged foreign financial institutions to pass details about […]

US Expat Tax Filing for American Freelancers Living Abroad

american freelancers filing taxes from abroad

Millions of Americans living abroad are working as freelancers. Some work mainly for one or more American firms, others freelance for foreign firms or provide services directly to small firms or individuals. Many are settled permanently in one foreign country, others are intending to return to the US after a few years, or they may […]